I'd like to purchase a gently used mid gauge kniting machine

If anyone happens to have a used/new Mid-gauge knitting machine sitting around, and not being used…I’m looking to purchase one. Please, no Bonds and only from here in the USA as well. (O:
You can contact me at texasfirstmate@aol.com

I am selling a Brother KH-830 that works great, and comes with extras. The only problem is, it will not be in America until this summer. We are moving back to the states, but I am not exactly sure when. So, if you are still looking around June/July, please let me know.


Thanks Joanne…sounds like a great machine! However…I went and bit the bullet so to say and ordered myself a new Silver Reed LK-150! I’m waiting for “her” to arrive any day now.

Hi, glad to hear you found a machine, as I was going to offer you my LK140 with gadgets. I bought it used from the knitting store in Carson City NV where I took lessons back in 1994. I still have a Singer 580 electronic knitter and ribber with stand and loads of yarn, but no place to set it up since my Mom passed in 2000 and it just sits alone under the bed keeping the cat hair company…have fun with it…yarnflyer in eastern Sierra (carolyn)