I'd like to make a chunky yarn hat but

I absolutely have to have a pattern.

I’m too terrified to even think I could make one up myself.

Ive looked for a chunky yarn hat pattern and my search came up with only 1 and i don’t remember exactly what it looks like so I guess that means I didn’t care for it.
Does anyone have a pattern for a chunky yarn hat ? I have 2, 50 gram(?) balls :rollseyes:
I like the style that has the rolled brim.
So lets say I did one in stockinette(?) would i measure my head then…
Any help will be appreciated.
(Oh and to the gals that helped me with my dishcloth ?'s about a month ago thanks again I finished a couple of 'em but never did post the pics like i said i was gonna do and i already gave them away but thanks again!)

If you look at the website of the yarn’s maker, you might be able to find a pattern for a hat in that yarn.

You can also look through these

Once you figure out your gauge, you can just use this pattern.

Do a gauge swatch, and let’s jus tfor the sake of example, say that your head measures 20 inches. If your swatch is knit at, say, three stitches per inch, cast on 60 stitches. The hat pattern is written for a multiple of 6 stitches, so it will just need a little tweaking.

When you start your decrease rounds, you’d start with k9, k2tog and work your way down, until 30 (or 24?) stitches remain, then start doing the decreases every round.

I’m kinda new with posting, this is my first one, so please bear with me. I read your post and thought of a beautiful chunky hat that I want to make. Here is the web site: http://www.yarnmarket.com/project.cfm? … etc
They have a lot of other cool chunky hats besides this one. In fact, the pattern for this hat has 23 other projects!

Good luck with your hat!

Thanks you guys, sorry I haven’t replied sooner. :oops:
Been running around… School starts on thurs. and i’ve put everything off till the last minute.
I’m gonna sit down and try both of the hats i’ve got instructions for :XX: .
Thanks again. :cheering:
I sure appreciate your help! :thumbsup:

How chunky are you meaning? I had picked up some superchunky at Joanns and was just wondering what to do with it too. Obvoiusly it would need to be sized up for an adult.