I'd like to fix a mistake

Hey y’all. I started this great sweater: http://www.berroco.com/193/193_katie.html

and while I was working on the rib for the back, I left the instructions back at the house when I was working a long period of time. I made the rib (not thinking that it was different than “normal”) a 1-1/2" wide in k1,p1.
I finished the back, and this afternoon, while I was team teaching, I started the front. This time I did have the instructions and discovered with horror, the wonderful pattern has about 6" of the k1,p1 ribbing. Well, fiddle dee dee. I boo boo’d! :aww:
So - here’s me question, y’all: has anyone ever taken out -carefully - the ribbing and rippit up the equiviant of the 6" ribbing? In other words, backwards. . . and then redo the ribbing to 6"?
A great deal of angst hits in consideration of having to frog the entire thing! woof!
Mind a wee mite bit ‘o’ advise, y’all?
Knitgnat (the knitter who loves insects)

You could rip out to the row where you started the stockinette, then insert your needle while you pull out the sts one by one and catch them on your needle.

oh excellent! thanks for sending me in a good direction! c

Yes, the knitting lady who I go to for instructions and to buy my wool does this alot! I have knit sweaters from the top down, and you may notice that your stitches will look a little different because they’re knit in the opposite direction. Do as suzieq says (above) and rip out up to the last stockinette row, picking up the stitches as you rip, then, using a new thread do your ribbing frin the top down for the length that you need. (6 ", right?) Even if it does look a little different, since it’s going to be a ribbing it probably won’t make a difference b/c it’s not the same as the stockinette anyway.

You know I’m going to take the easy way out :D…how does it look with the inch and a half rib vs. 6"? The knitting police are NOT coming to get you if it looks good to you and fits right.

thank you for that extra detail. It’s very much appreciated and I understand. I’m doing it now. thanks again y’all!

Yeah - I thought of that, Becky. But if you take a peak at that cute sweater, part of the nice fit is the 6" ribbing. So I was in a quandry! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I just looked at it and the ribbing gives it the nipped-in waist. Can’t blame a really lazy girl for trying, can you?:roflhard:

hee hee… that was funny, Becky! :slight_smile: