Icord question

I am currently working on this pattern (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/baby-jacquards-floral-skirt) and I decided to go with an Icord (versus elastic) at the waist but I have a question. How long to you make the Icord? Two inches longer than the circumference of the waist? Three inches? I have never used Icord like this before and I was already making the Icord when I realized that I have no idea how long it should be. Recommendations?

You’re going to run I-cord through the waistband instead of elastic? You would need enough to fit the waist and then enough to tie a knot and a bow. I’m thinking that it might not be as stretchy as elastic however and it may be a little bulky and perhaps not as slippery too. One alternaitive is covered elastic through the waist with a sewn on I-cord bow at the front.
Darling pattern.

It’s got to be long enough to tie. So you’ve got the loops, the tails and the center. Maybe 15-20 inches? Depending on how long you want the tail and loops. Couldn’t find anyone mentioning the length on Rav. Does it say on the pattern?

I like the idea of the sewn on bow. As it is for a small child, the elastic would be easier to deal with for on and off and I’d be a bit concerned about the long I cord posing a possible hazard since kids are notorious for undoing anything and everything. Just my 2 cents, FWIW.

I agree. In my experience, when these ties are pulled out, they can be difficult to feed back through the waistband. Adorable pattern!

Good idea! Didn’t think of the sewn on bow!

When I want the approximate length of something like a bow, I tie a thin cloth tape measure into a bow, adjust the loops and read out the length from the tape.

Thanks everyone for the excellent insights and suggestions. I went with the Icord option because I don’t have any elastic, but the thought of the potential hazard to the little one never crossed my mind. Others on Ravelry had gone with this approach and it sounded like a feasible solution to my situation. [B]Why, oh why, didn’t I post [I]before [/I]binding off the skirt?? [/B]Now I’ll have to unbind and frog back to where I made the holes in the waistband for the Icord and pray I can match the place in the self-patterning yarn. Ugh! Oh well, safety comes first. May put this away until I can get some elastic. Thanks again!