Icord length--what do you think?

Hey guys–I’m working away on an icord for a small purse I’ve made for my sil for Christmas–how long do you think the strap should be??? The purse is small and very simple in design–basic square with a flap that comes over the top and buttons on the front. The reason I’m thinking about it is b/c different people seem to like their purses different lengths…my sil is almost 6’ tall so what seems long to me (I’m 5’2) might not seem so long to her! I was thinking that it should hang about hip level…any ideas/suggestons???

Do you know about how long her purse is now? I made a Booga Bag with about of 5.5 feet of i-cord and I would have preferred it longer but it wasn’t for me. I like mine to go easily over my shoulder with a heavy coat on.


I really don’t know–she is a traveling nurse so she’s not around a lot–there is one bag that she picked up in hawaii that she carries a lot and I did notice that it goes over her head (across her chest) and that it still seems long (again–that could be b/c I’m vertically challenged!). She is flying in from CA today–I’m going to see if my MIL can get her hands on that bag and measure it for me. Thanks for responding and for letting me know the length of your cord–this is the first icord I’ve ever made so I wasn’t sure where to go with it. :slight_smile:

I like mine about hip level too that way I can wear it across my body if I want to. I’m not 6’ (I’m only 5’7") but I measure 42" to get a strap that would hang at the hip. That’s a lot of i-cord :shock:

Hmm… Maybe make one that would seem comfortable on her?

Maybe make it about 8 feet long? So she has enough comfortable room around her shoulder?

Man thats alot of i-cord :shock:

I like my straps very short. I carry my booga on my arm or wrist. I hate constantly having to fix the strap b/c it keeps sliding off my shoulders. I’ve never had a purse long enough to wear across my body.

Thanks for the measurement Kemp–I think my SIL is 5’10 or 5’11 b/c she’s almost as tall as my husband and he’s 6’. Your right, that IS a lot of icord (which I’ve discovered to be the most boring thing I’ve ever knitted). Right now, my cord is only a little over a foot long so I’m not sure I’m going to have it finished. I’m thinking about wrapping the purse w/o the strap and then letting her tell me where she wants it to hang. She’ll be here until Jan 3rd so I’m sure I can finish it by then. Thanks to everyone for all of their suggestions! :slight_smile:

The straps for my bag were about 30 inches before felting. On the bag now they are fairly short which I like. I don’t like a bag banging around my hip and prefer it higher so I can keep better track of it, too. It’s all a personal thing I think. BTW…they didn’t shrink too much in felting and I think that is because of the density of an I-cord.