Icord Issues

Hi all,

I’ve not been here for a while, been out of action, still am - but trying out some knitting business!

I have a questions about Icords, My pattern calls for 2 st, then don’t turn the work but slide the stitches and knit again.

It looks awful, and my working yarn has ended up on the wrong side, due to not turning. Is that right?

Also, everywhere else I’ve looked, an Icord is three stitches, not two. Which is better?

Thanks in advance!

I’ve never seen a 2 stitch icord, but the technique would be the same as a 3 stitch.

The yarn does end up on the wrong side and you pull it across the back of your stitches to create the cord when you knit the stitches again.

Sometimes it takes a while for the cord to start looking like one.

I had a pattern that called for 2-st…which was virtually impossible. Opted for 3-st and it looked fine. Just make sure to really yank the yarn across the back to close the gap (forming the tube).


Stretch the i-cord end to end too. This helps it shape up.

I-Cords do look wierd when they are just started. Sounds like your doing it right, keep going.