Ice Wipe

It is a site sponsored by a beer company but still a fun little game!

:shock: GAH!!! :oo:

That was MEAN!!! :frowning:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

well i am rarely fooled by them but that one got me so i thought i would spread the joy! :wink:

I expected something like that on the pumpkin one! :roflhard:

nice. i almost peed my pants.


I didnt GET a pumpkin! I was supposed to trace the word “Coors”!

(Like THAT would have made a difference in the pants-peeing factor! :rollseyes: )

I was referring to the pumpkin carving one. I was on edge for that one, and let my guard down for this.

I had to do this one because everyone else was talking about it. Thanks. :doh:

:roflhard: :roflhard:


[size=2]hee hee i think my uterus fell out of place! that scared the crap out of me and Krickett. she didn’t like it at all![/color][/size]

:shock: :oo:

dammit, the pee smell is NEVER going to come out of this chair now

:roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard:

I never trust these things anymore, turned off the speaker just in case…
For some odd reason, i’m not a jumper or screamer on the outside… but on the inside?? can you wet yourself on the inside. i think that comes from dh trying many times to scare me when we were dating…didnt’ want him to get the better of me. :shock:
but the sixth sense is on right now… THAT crap scares me… the whispery sound of someone going across the room like the lady that killed herself… THAT scares me stoopid! :shock:

added… Hee hee, I sent it to my mom in AZ… she always falls for this junk and will call and cuss me out! mwaaa ha ha ha!!!

I’m not even gonna look! [size=2]I’m a wimp.[/size] :shifty:

:rofling: I turned off my speeeakers, neener neener neeeeneerrrr!

you wrong Binky for send that to your mama… that is a good idea, but my mom wouldn’t do it because it has something to do with beer… maybe i can be slick like brenda and make her think its just a game… :twisted:

Holy cow! I didn’t realize the volume was turned way up!

heh heh heeehhhhh! :wink: where’d ya think i got my naughty streak from? :roflhard:
I actually had a gal friend that I forwarded an email to that touted you could take a digital picture of yourself through your computer monitor. “new technology, you don’t need a webcam!” I never let on about how when you click your mouse to “take” the picture, the pic that “develops” and displays for you is one of an ugly orangutan. She wasn’t real well versed on the net and such and wasn’t on it very much… a couple weeks went by and I asked her if she tried the site out… she said “eh, I haven’t been nice and made up lately when I go online and I thought I’d send the picture to my folks. I’ll do it next time my hair and makeup are all nice…” :shock:
She was totally serious! I don’t think she ever tried it and she never hooked up her computer when she moved and I never let on about the trick… I guess the trick was on me… but I still cannot believe she actually thought it was real! :roflhard:

p.s. anybody seen the one where you concentrate on the video of a car going down a winding road with pretty scenery and how there is a mysterious apparition in the video? then a grody looking zombie character jumps up real close on the screen? again, i was on my guard, but mama almost lost her partial she yelled so hard! tee hee!

YES!!! my sister sent that to me. i sent her an email with a very choice word in bold in it! i sent it to Dh and he said it scared the crap out of him only that wasn’t the word he used!!!