Ice Truckers show and Knitting Guy

Anyone a fan of Ice Truckers?? Dying for the next season to start…but I imagine it has to wait until this next winter…(yes I am a fan of Project Runway and Ice Truckers)

Knitting Guy…you’re a trucker…watch that show? Ever want to attempt Ice Trucking?

We loved that show!! I keep waiting for the History channel to show a preview but nothing yet.

There is a show coming this weekend, I think, about Ax Men. Looks interesting.

I’m sure Mason experience Ice Trucking whenever he has to drive through a blizzard!

…i just love burly ol’Alex and the way he laughs at everything…

the smartest one on there is (I can’t remember his name)…he’s like only 21 or 22, lives in Canada has a huge Canadian accent "eh?"
has a young kid and a wife…started trucking when he was 18 and by working the ice seasons…already bought his house in full!! That kid is gonna retire at 30! geezs.

I’ve never wanted to try it. I’m a Southern boy and not overly fond of cold weather. I get enough of it driving the Northern and Western states during the Winter months.

I listen to the trucker’s channel on Sirius satellite radio every day and a couple of the guys on that program have been on the channel a few times. According to them a lot of what you see on that show is totally scripted and basically a lot of bull.

Darn it! …but I guess all “reality” shows are somewhat scripted…so is Ice Trucking NOT that dangerous? Do they REALLY pay truckers that much money to do it?

lol - my 17 year old mall going, aeropostale and ambercrombie wearing, can’t get out of the house in time because my hair isn’t right daughter LOVES that show :rofl: She sounds like a commercial when she talks about it. “on the next episode of Ice Road Truckers drama unfolds when newbie T.J. has a heavy load to haul . . . .” She literally uses that wording!! :rofl: