ICE on cell phones-for emergencies

A friend told me about something that sounds like a great idea, I’ve checked with a few people and they have heard of it and done it.
At least some first responders to accidents, emergency runs, etc. now check cell phone contact lists for people to contact in case a person is not responsive during an emergency situation.
How it works… On you cell phone contacts list put ICE 1, ICE 2, ICE 3…([B]I[/B]n [B]C[/B]ase of [B]E[/B]mergency contact #1, #2…) next to the person’s name that you would want contacted in case something happens and you can’t tell them who to contact. They will check your contacts and call the people, in the order you listed, until they reach someone.
So on your contact list it would look like…
John Doe ICE 1
Jane Doe ICE 2
and so on…

Just thought I’d pass this along. I’ve had my daughters do this mainly because they may not always have ID on them but you can bet they will have their cell phones.:teehee:

Not a bad idea, I have it done in my cell phone and my husband’s but I did read an article on CNN a while ago that said first responders won’t look at a person’s cell phone for any type of info because they don’t have the time, they are too busy with an emergency situation. I’d imagine that at least a hospital would if they didn’t find a wallet with info or a purse. At the very least, I know the police will go through your purse or wallet and notify loved ones and they might search a cell also.

I think it’s a great idea! Even if it’s not the first place they look it’s good to have the info somewhere. :thumbsup:

My parents own a rural area ambulance service and they highly recommend it as well. I have serveral in my cell phone as well as a card in my wallet.


I actually did it on my phone several years ago. However, I put Ice first so they don’t have to go through looking for names with ICE next to them. They can just look for that word. I have it also listed with who they are to me. “ICE - Mom - Sandra” “ICE - Brother - Tim” etc.

I heard about this 2 years ago on a local news segment and I have programmed my husband and aunt as emergency contacts in my cell phone

i did this almost the same time i got my cell two years ago. But i put the contacts in a group. so the group is called ICE, but inside ice is mom, grandma, and home…idk what order, but it doesn’t really matter to me who they call, the job will get done either way.

You all are more original thinkers than I am, I hadn’t thought about changing the way ICE is listed. They are all good ideas.
My dh doesn’t carry a wallet, mainly because of the type of work he does it is easy for him to loose it. Emergency people would have a hard time finding his info in his car.:teehee:
My son is a firefighter, I haven’t asked him about it yet. I know they usually get people to a hospital first and then they go through stuff in the cars.

ICE is a good idea, but I confess I didn’t know what “ICE” meant! I was wondering why you’d put ice on your cell phone.:whoosh::teehee:

But I have “Mom” and “Dad” listed as contacts. I would hope anyone looking on my phone for someone to call would call mom or dad, who would then call DH, sister, etc.

As an EMT I can’t even begin to tell you how valuable an ICE listing on your cell phone can be. You would be suprised at how many people leave home with nothing but their keys and a cell phone.

Our county has been doing a huge promotional campaign on ICE and I think it is a great idea.

OK so I sent my DH, my DSIL and my DD to the ICE bucket. Thanks so much for that helpful information. I redid my DH`s cell phone as well!

Thanks for your input Ginny! I know a lot of people who leave with only a cell phone and keys. I’m like an old woman, I have a bag with all kinds of stuff in it that I take everytime I go out. After all you never know when you may need a wash cloth, lotion, 2 or 3 different medicines, and misc. other things. :teehee:

.Knitter- Ice bucket :roflhard: