IBS- anyone?

Get The Maker’s Diet. You don’t have to do the supplements, although we did for about six to nine months. But the information is great.

Splenda is bad. You need to familarize yourself with all of the names of the sweetners. We discovered that many chewing gums…bubble gums for kids…had artificial sweetners. So does toothpaste. Every brand at Walmart has aspartame. I buy my toothpaste at the health food store. Took a little adjusting to, but we don’t mind now.

I strongly agree with eliminating any kind of artificial sweetners too. For whatever reason they reak havoc on me. I have to eliminate everything that says reduced calorie and all flavored waters because of it. I tend to use alot of honey to sweeten things, so far so good with that.

FIBER - there is soluble and insoluble and my guess would be that you will tolerate the soluble better than the insoluble as insoluble amounts to roughage.

I was told to stay away from fruit juices all together … I do alternate drinking half a glass of low acid OJ or Ocean Spray cranberry juice every morning. When in a “flare” I avoid fruit unless they are cooked to break down some of the fibers - canned fruits are my friend and I make applesauce so there is no sugar added.

On the subject of fibrous foods - I have found that really lean hamburger once every couple of weeks makes me feel better as it keeps my iron level up - also eat lots of spinach for the same reason. Shrimp is out - to fibrous and tough on the tummy.

Caffiene is a trigger that I stay away from. No problems with Splenda, it is a derivitive of sugar and FDA has cleared it as non-carcinogenic. It has triggered migraines in some studies, but that was like 5000 packets/day.

Best of luck - I know how hard it is to avoid information overload on something like this. Every person is unique and so different things work for every person.:muah:

[COLOR=blue]So splenda should be ok then…? I drink 2 bottles of flavored water a day…Coffee will be a hard one to give up… love ice tea too and diet Mugs. I have been thinking that the soda might be an issue. I have noticed Asparagus does not agree with me… corn…lots of veggies. :frowning: process of elimination I guess… thank you all so much, I can’t tell you what this means to me. You all taking the time to “talk” with me. [/COLOR]
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Wow! Thanks for starting this thread! I’ve suffered silently for many yers with this. I’ll be looking for a juicer, Auburn Chick–and Jordan’s book, too!!
Thanks so much , Stonington–I’ll be a better-feeling and healthier person because of you!:aww::aww::aww:

[COLOR=blue]:waving: Hi Trudy! You are so welcome… it is almost like a support group lol. I hesitated in asking about IBS–kind of a weird subject for a knitting list… but have gotten desparate for some advise. :hug: to you all.[/COLOR]

I was diagnosed with IBS 3 years ago after ending up in the emergency room doubling over with pain I could not bear. I guess the type of treatment depends on the individual person and their exact problem. I have trouble going to the bathroom and as a result get bloated and have lots of bad gas pain(gas ex does not help). I am currently tring a new homeopathic medicine from nativeremedies.com I will have to let you know how it works for me:wink:

I guess it also depends on whether you have IBS with diarreah or with constipation, there are both types.

I don’t usually have any problems taking the 1 pill a day. Although I do go through a “dry” cycle every now and then, so I cut out the pill for that period. Usually just 3-5 days. From reading some of the other posts, maybe the artificial sweetners make the 1 a day work. I drink almost a 2 litre bottle of diet pepsi a day.

I haven’t tried the jell-o thing mainly because I dislike jell-o. I really like to chew my food.

I can’t do the metamucil or fiber supplements, it usually makes it worse.

When I first started having problems I also stopped eating, thinking that if I didn’t eat, I wouldn’t have to go. It’s amazing how that doesn’t really work! I lost over 65 lbs in 6 weeks. It’s not really a weight loss program I’d recommend…

Splenda has never bothered me and a glass of tea here or there seems to be fine, things like coffee and Mountain Dew while they don’t really set off a flare …it sometime just rushes things along. Hot dogs - there is nothing worse for me !! I agree most veggies do kinda rush through, but they don’t make me feel sick or give me cramps so I eat them anyway. One thing my MD told me back when I was really sick was that Crohn’s is an autoimmune disease and more affected by internal factors than external factos - meaning stress is more likely to cause a flare than what I eat. What I eat may result in a bought of cramps and the runs, but it will clear up in a day or two. He also warned me that just b/c something bothers me once, doesn’t mean it will bother me again. One day I can eat ice cream no problem - next day sick as a dog.

Not to offer too much information, but I also found that hormone fluctuations around my period made things unbearable and going on BC was one of the best decisions I ever made !! I heard friends of mine that I met via the CCFA that they felt 100% better and were sympton free during pregnancies and got hit hard afterward so I thought hmmm hormone fluctuations are a bad thing and my GI (whom I adore) said sounds good.

Also, there are some studies that link IBS/Crohn’s to allergies so I also notice that by staying on allergy meds all year and eliminating allergens from my home (better filters in vacuum and heat ducts, installed hard wood in the bedroom, dust mite covers on pillows/mattress, washing curtains every few months) has helped as well. It keeps my body’s histamine response lower and thus reduces the internal stress my body is under.

Again with the TMI, but if you are seeing blood in your stool that is nothing to mess around with and you need to get yourself to a good GI (not PCP). Ignoring that (I was young and embarassed) is what got me in dire straights and hospitalized for a long time and off work for months and on steroids for years).

Sorry this got some long - I really haven’t talk about it in years, since I went off all 20pills/day - so once I got started it all seemed important to share.

[COLOR=blue]I have blood almost everyday…and have had colonoscopies, upper and lower GI testing… the whole works… and there is nothing there. The bleeding seems to be external according the GI. Do not want to go back to the doc again… was such a production the last several times. My hormones do seem to influence it… but I am already on BCPs to regulate things… they do not seem to help (or maybe they do… and I would be in worse shape without them lol… horrors!) jeeze… I remember joking with my sister… we will know we are old when we start talking about bodily functions lol. ugh. Thank you for all of your help. hugs, anne[/COLOR]

Try googling the juicer thing. I’m sure you can probably find it cheap by ordering it online. Here’s a link to a store that I bought mine from. I used to live in the same city where this store is located, so I had the benefit of shopping direct. But, my mil ordered her juicer (and other stuff) from them. They are awesome! I just don’t know how they compare price-wise.

As far as the Splenda, I would absolutely NOT do it. There are so many studies that contradict each other that it gets confusing. However, I like to stay on the conservative side and stay away from it. Artificial sweeteners can wreak havoc on your system, despite what study A or B might say. Health food stores carry a nice selection of healthier beverages. There is a really good line of sodas – creme soda and root beer are my favorites!

To sweeten tea or coffee, you can use Stevia, which is a healthier sweetener. It’s very concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

Try to stay away from processed foods…they just aren’t good for you. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store. That’s where your healthy alternatives lie.

I’ve had IBS all of my life although back when I was a kid they called it “spastic colon”.

Heather Van Vorous has written a number of books, including recipe books for those with IBS, and is among the leading authorities on the subject and also is one who suffers from the condition. She has a website with loads of good information. Just google her name.

Everyone’s triggers are different but the most common ones are stress, dairy products, and the wrong kind of fiber. Dairy is a huge one for me and so I avoid it like the plague. Straight water can also be a big trigger and is for me as the system simply can’t handle it. I drink Gatorade instead of water as it’s slightly thicker and doesn’t upset the system.

The best thing one can do is to start keeping a food diary. Doing this, your triggers will become obvious and you can avoid them. As far as “going natural” goes, natural foods can be triggers as well so that’s no solution.

One very common remedy to help sooth symptoms is mint tea. It has a calming effect on the digestive system although it does give some people heartburn. I find it really helps when I get an episode. Careful though as too much can cause constipation.

A dietary fiber like Citrucel can really help although it seems counterintuitive as it’s commonly used to treat constipation. It helps bind the colon a bit and slow things down.

[COLOR=blue]I guess it truely depends on the individual- dairy for me is a no no! beef - the same. We eat mostly chicken and fish–on a happy note my [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]cholesterol is great! lol. The diary sounds like a good idea, but I have found that something that may bother me today… horribly… will have no effect on me tomorrow… it is a strange thing. Thanks so much for your reply. [/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
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