IBS- anyone?

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[COLOR=blue]not a great topic–but would really appreciate any words of wisdom from this great :heart: group of folks.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]It seems that my IBS symptoms are getting considerably worse. I am getting desparate - the meds that the doc perscribed make me sooo sleepy that I can not function at work. I feel worn out- want to get back to as normal as I can… There is a ton :passedout: of literature on the web–but what is really helpful? [/COLOR]

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Go natural, so to speak.

I would go to my local health food store and inquire. There are so many ways you can deal with this nutritionally. I speak from experience. I was “diagnosed” with this many years ago. The medicine made me quite sick, so I quit taking it and did a lot of research. I mixed aloe vera juice with fruit drinks (fresh, of course). It was very soothing.

Try reading Jordan Rubin’s health book. He had Crohn’s Disease (which my dh has) for years and got better by eating a more natural diet and supplementing.

Hugs to you. I’ve lived with it and know how it feels. My dh continues to fight the symptoms of Crohn’s, so I know it can be an ongoing battle. :hug:

[COLOR=blue]Aloe Vera juice… I will have to go to the healthfood store this weekend and find some. Thank you for the advice. I did just come across this book:[/COLOR]
[COLOR=red]Eating for IBS: 175 Delicious, Nutritious, Low-Fat, Low-Residue Recipes to Stabilize the Touchiest Tummy[/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]I read some of the pages that were available online and I think I may pick it up on my way home. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]Medication does not agree with me… I would really like to try and control this with diet. :hug:thanks again–and for the hug as well. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#0000ff]anne [/COLOR]

Diverticular disease, IBS and possible Crohn’s here (dr. still testing). My experience is that diet change is the way to go along with supplements (I take acidophilus supplements). Limit fat intake, go light on meals and make sure you don’t get constipated by taking a fiber supplement and drinking lots and lots of water. Also, keep track of your diet and see what flares you up. You might be surprised what will bring on an episode. I just ate some fresh peas a few weeks back and spent the weekend in agony debating whether to go to the ER again. Fresh corn did send me to the ER with a flaming case of diverticulitis that kept me there for a week. I don’t eat anything in large quantities and monitor how it makes me feel before eating it again. Oh yeah and avoid stress! Fun times. :gah:

[COLOR=blue]Stress- yes I think that I am greatly influenced by it. I use to be able to go with the flow very well… the more pressure the better I worked… now all has changed. and having this at work can just add to the existing stress lol… like the never ending story. I thought once they took my gall bladder things would change. Do you find that the [COLOR=blue]acidophilus suppliments help? [/COLOR] You poor babe though… I have only ended up at the hospital once. but then all the tests… only to find nothing…can be very frustrating :shrug:. I send you many hugs! :hug:and thank you for the response. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]anne [/COLOR]

I have come to realize that medicine has such bad side affects that it sometimes is worse to take it than not.

Acidophilus is very important. It places the good bacteria into your system.

Another thing that is very important is a good probiotic. Do some reading for the specific benefits (dh got us started taking them after he did some research). The good brands usually have to be refrigerated. They will be in the refrigerated section at your health food store.

I don’t know if you have a juicer, but I HIGHLY recommend this. Fresh carrot juice is very nutritional and will allow your cells to repair themselves. It has live enzymes that are so very important to our bodies. You can make it with some spinach and apple. Yum! It’s really very good and sweet (if you get decent carrots). Plus, your body doesn’t have to expend energy digesting the carrot because the juicer removes the pulp.

I bought a Champion juicer years ago, and it’s just fabulous. You want one that masticates (sounds dirty, eh?). It mashes the item (fruit, veggie) to remove the juice. The pulp comes out one part while the comes out another.

Take it slowly with the research. It’s very overwhelming. But do incorporate a few things at least until you get comfortable with the product terminology.

Like I said before, I highly recommend Jordan’s book. He really does a great job explaining HOW our bodies work. By doing so, you understand why certain foods affect certain parts. It’s just fascinating!

Hang in there. You’re on the right road simply by being open-minded and asking questions.

Crohn’s … stopped all meds about 4 yrs ago b/c of side effect. For me the Aloe Vera juice made things worse…Probiotics have been a saving grace for me. Go to a health food store and check out what they have. It should all be refrigerated. THe brand I buy is FloraMor in a blue bottle.

Can you re-evaluate your diet to see if there is something you’re eating that is upsetting your system?

I must admit that when stress gets really bad and before my wedding/honeymoon I take a 6-10day taper of prednisone to reduce inflammation. That time frame isn’t enough to give me weight gain or withdrawal symptoms.

If you would like any more info just PM me…I’ve been doing this for almost 10yrs and was down to 98lbs at 5’11" when diagnosed.

I do notice a calmness with the acidolphilus pills and they seem to even things out. Oh yeah, one more thing…exercise!! You don’t have to be an aerobic instructor but I find that a good walk around the block or 30 minutes on the exercise bike helps alot. Somehow the moving around makes the intestines do their job without giving me grief, I think it eliminates stress more than anything. I hope you can find your mix of what works for ya’, don’t quit trying, you’ll get there.
I told my husband I wanted a new colon for my 40th birthday!:roflhard:

[COLOR=blue]:flirt:Masticates - ok… :slight_smile: I do not have a juicer. I think that I have seen them at Royal River though (HFS). It seems that most of the juices at the grocery store have lots of other “stuff” in them–and not much natural juice. I will look for Jordan’s book when at Borders this afternoon. Thank you for the recommendation. I have read a little about probiotics–there is just so much information out there-lots of “commercial info” That is one of the reasons I thought I would post the question here. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]Thank you so much! :cheering:[/COLOR]

I take these guys for acidophilus: Solgar Advanced Multi-Billion http://www.evitamins.com/product.asp?pid=802

I’m open for suggestions though to change if anyone has another brand they feel is better. My health food store recommended them.

[COLOR=blue]Wow! 98 lbs. :hug: I have changed my diet- no red meat, hardly any dairy, stay away from fried food-drink lots of water… try to eat small but often. I get the shakes if I don’t eat regularly, low Glucose I guess. But sometimes I just don’t want to risk food lol… sounds silly I guess. Some of what you read says fiber! fiber! fiber! But I find that I have a hard time with it… won’t digest. So the hunt is on for a better diet. Thank you for your generous offer to answer my questions… feel bad for DH-- just can’t seem to get it all under control. Seems that whenever we go somewhere or schedule a vacation it gets worse. [/COLOR]


So you like the word of the day??? Ha, ha!

The juice you buy at the store has added sugar and has been pasteurized…heated at such high temperatures that all of the “good stuff” (i.e. vitamins) have been destroyed. That’s why you should never buy it. You should look at the number of grams of sugar in each serving. It is astounding!

As far as “commercial” information, I would stick to good ole science. Just the facts, ma’am! Biology is a wonderful science for a reason.

My hubby cannot do fiber either. He used to be in and out of the hospital a couple of times a year, and it always amazed me what the “dieticians” put on his tray! Most of the stuff was bad for him…salad, raw veggies (which he just could not digest properly).

Make sure you stay away from artificial sweetners as well. Bad stuff, it is!

Ok…I’ll let you get the book now. :wink:

[COLOR=blue]lol… I have asked for similar! :roflhard: Exercise seemed to help before… We just moved though and that increased my travel time to and from work to an hour and 25 minutes… going for a walk after dinner gets later and later and then none existant. Will have to try harder with that. [/COLOR]


I was diagnosed with IBS almost 25 years ago. The tests back then were NOT fun… I was put on some kind of meds back then that made me horribly sick and constipated. Stress is my leading trigger and it doesn’t help that I also have SAD. But, you name any building in town and I can tell you exactly where the bathroom is! I was told to monitor my diet, eat more fresh, healthier stuff, but that seemed to make it worse. So… being one of those that like to figure out my own treatment and what works for me, I’ve finally got it mostly under control. I take one otc loperamide hydrochloride (generic immodium AD) every morning. If I feel the “urge” coming on. (I can actually feel my intestines spasming sometimes) I’ll take more.

I can’t eat rough, non soluble fiber, my diverticulosis won’t let me. I do drink a glass of Metamucil each night though, I would be in serious trouble without it. It’s a softer fiber and water soluble.


[COLOR=blue]The immodium does not cause you to have the opposite problem? I thought there maybe something that just kind of “coated” the intenstines–sort of protected them–? I hate to take prescribed medication… for the most part because it usually makes me feel worse. hmm I know where all the restrooms are too… sad, but true. lol[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]Thanks for taking the time to share. :hug:[/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]anne [/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]oh, my doc told me jello might help??? any thoughts or has anyone tried this?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]Dasani water… I really like the flavored water. The water here at work is awful :ick:. but I think it has splenda. Some of what I read said to stay away from sugar. :pout: what is left? lol[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]Ummm Jordan Rubins has lots of books lol.[/COLOR]