Iam Weak :)

I kept telling myself, I will finish the afghan, 2 hats and shawl before I start another project. But everytime I passed my wool display the ball of Kemps sock yarn keep whispering to me (you know you want to knit me, you know you have the perfect pattern).
Finally, somehow not consiously the yarn was cast on the my fav circular for sock knitting.
Iam sooo in love with this yarn, it is soft and it knits so quick when you are entertained by what colour is going to be next :slight_smile:
Here’s the beginning of the sock in all its glory…lol

BTW here’s the link

Yummy colors…and, I LOVE that pattern :thumbsup:

Looking good! Those are great colors.

:inlove: Wow!!! I hear that yarn talking to me too!!!

Gorgeous! I love the cables!

Knit meeeeeeeeeee…knit meeeeeeeeeee…I want to be a sooooooooock…

I can hear the yarn now! :rofling:

Great start, I want to see them when they’re done!

Lovely! :inlove:


None of us can really resist when the yarn starts speaking to us, can we? :smiley:

What yarn is it? It looks lovely

Oooooooooh, that yarn looks so soft! What is it?

I bet this is the yarn:


and it’s sold out!!! :crying:

There are other colorways, but I’m already in love with this one.


looks good!!! Impulse control is for the weak

Melanie is right, thats the yarn.
But I would reccomend any of it. I have never knit with such beautiful yarn before, the highest quality before this was patons kroy and knit picks stripes.
So far Iam at the heel turn, so I’ll be posting a follow up later this week. Iam also going to try and get creative with photographing them, as I would like to enter the knitty contest with them.

The sock looks wonderful! I’m so glad you like the color and the feel of it! I was hoping to spoil you with that and I’m glad I did! :wink: Looking forward to seeing more progress!!

Wow…it’s so cool to see it knitted! I think I need to do that colorway again. I can’t wait to see the finished sock :slight_smile: