Iam new member

Hello :wink:

Iam a norwegianlady that like to knit and do crochetworks.My english is not so very good but I hope you vil understand my typing in this forum.
I Startet to knit when I was 10 and my grandma teach me evrything in the way of Handcrafts.I hope I `ll get to know you better and have an nice eveninge from Norway.

Welcome! You are our third Norwegian! Don’t apologize for your English! I doubt any of we Americans could join in on a Norwegian site!

Welcome! :heart:

Thanks a lot for your warm greatings :happydance:

Welcome! This is a great forum with a lot of friendly ladies. You are going to love it here!

And I love your avatar picture! It looks like coffee or hot cocoa?

Hi!! :waving:

Welcome to the site!!

:waving: Welcome!

Hello there.

Welcome! I’m new, too!

Welcome! I’m from North Dakota here in the USA and although I don’t speak the language…my heritage is Norwegian (half that and half French). There are many many people of Scandinavian decent in this part of the country.

Thanks for joining this fabulous site! The folks are THE BEST!
Hope to hear from you again and share your experiences. :thumbsup:

:waving: hello!

Welcome! I am new too and I’m from Argentina!

Good morning from Indiana! Welcome to the forum! :cheering:

:cheering: :waving: :cheering: Hello!

:cheering: welcome, knittinglise!!! :cheering:

Welcome, Knittinglise!

Glad to have you here.

Hei fra Stavanger, velkommen til dette forumet også :waving:

Hello from Stavanger, and welcome to this forum too!

Yay! welcome to the forum! Isnt it the greatest? :smiley: