I would love

to own some needles from looong ago
i was given a pair of needles really old
she told me about the thirties
they are so comfortable they seem to give with every stitch
i guess i will have to start going to garage sales or c hurch sales
does anyone own these

I do not, and I’m curious, what’s different about them?

you should try e-bay. Last week somone had 1940’5 double pointed needles for sale!

the difference is that they are very pliable
and makes working with them a pleasure

I have a couple pair of Boyes from the mid60s and mid70s. They’re way small (sizes 3 and 5) so I don’t use them. I don’t think they’re much different than newer ones though.

I’ve got a set of aluminium needles from way backwhen, but no idea when, still in their original package. No idea when I’ll use them