I would love to turn HELP

I am knitting fiber Trends Felt Clogs. The section for toe and instep shaping on row 1 wants you to turn but I am knitting in the round at this point. I just can’t figure this out PLEASE HELP.

Thanks in advance,


I don’t know the pattern (although i would like to, these are somthing i want to make as a Christmas present) but i would think that even if you are knitting in the round you can just turn and start going back the other way. It would either be the start of you working flat for a section (especially if you work for X number of stitches and then turn again so you are going back and forth) which is quite common in foot shaping, or a way of doing a short row which will add a section which is a bit bigger than the rest, again shaping it.

I think this amy be a case of ‘trust the pattern’. If it says to turn, then turn and see what happens!

Where did you find that pattern? I would love to make it!

I think you’re just doing short rows there so yes, you would turn right in the middle of your work. Not positive because I haven’t made them yet, but generally when you turn in the middle you’re doing something like that. :think:

Here’s a couple threads (LOOOOOOG ones) that have all kinds of information. One of them is closed, but you can read info. A few of the posters (KellyK for one) are no longer members here, but I know a lot of active members have made them, too.


It’s not a free pattern.


That’s fine, I think they are so cute. I ordered the pattern today!

Hi Koleen, Just finished this pattern and yes, you turn right in the middle of the row. When it says “TURN” you turn the work and do what it says next. You wind up making a pie type shape. This was a great knit and they are fun to make!

Thank you for the response. I have not pick them up again. Is the working yarn on the left needle when you turn?

Yes, the working yarn will be on the left needle, then you slip the first stitch, moving it to the right. Good luck.