I would like your opinions, please!

I have begun this great purse:

found here. I am knitting in green and brown. The purse as written is reversible. I don’t particularly want it reversible, and if I do it that way, it will probably be the same colors on both sides. My conern is whether or not it will hold its shape without knitting the inner layer. The bottom is knit with double strands, so I know it is nice and sturdy. I have finished the top part and am at the point that I would start the reversible side if I choose to do so. I have knit two other purses with single strands, and they have turned out fine when felted. The gist of all this is, I don’t want to spend the time to knit the reverse side, but I want it to turn out well.

Thanks for any input!

Well I think it will obviously be more rigid and structured with two layers. The question is are you willing to give up some structure in exchange for not knitting the inner layer? I say go for it. If it’s flimsy, you can always knit the inner layer separately and hand stitch it in. :slight_smile:

I don’t know much about the doublestranding/reversible but I like the pattern… a lot of people around here have done booga bags and the felted bags tend to hold their shape pretty well from what I have seen ( after they dry )

Hi Silver!

Wow…you are my sock godess :slight_smile: (See: Here and Here) - Thanks for that!!

I was thinking I would go ahead and finish it out and felt it, and if I had to, I would make a fabric lining with some sturdy inner-facing. Don’t you think that would be plausible?

I agree with Silver

All the felted bags I’ve made have been dense enough to hold their shapes. And you could always line it if you wanted to. I like the pattern! samm

Thank you everyone for your responses! Samm, I had the same reasoning, I just needed a little confirmation - I’m going ahead with it non-reversible. We’ll see what happens! I’ll try to post a picture here - I know I will manage to put it on my website - when I get done.

Thanks again!

I’ve got the bag knitted and felted and it’s floppy! :waah:

I know what I need to do, but I’m kind of sick of this project at the moment. Guess this is what I get for not following the pattern.

I plan to make a fabric lining for the purse and want to use something to give it form. Has anyone used plastic canvas for that purpose? I think I’ve read about that being done…just wanted to know if anyone has experience with it.

The real bummer is, I need a new sewing machine. Mine is shot, and needs to be updated anyway. I don’t know when I will actually get around to finishing this bag!

IMHO…[I]always always always[/I] take the time to do it right.

In the end…shortcuts can really waste your time…more so than the extra steps. You could end up with a purse you hate. Now THAT would be both a waste of the time you spent…and the money you invested.

Maybe NOW isn’t the time to take on that particular purse. What if you set it aside…and just do it when you feel less pressure?

BTW…it is a darling bag!!! :heart: I saved the link! I like the look of East-West styles!

Let us know what you decide to do…and how the bag turned out.
I like your color choices better than the model, too.

I think you’d be just fine and dandy with lining and maybe a bit of interfacing, the thickness of which will determine how “reinforced” you want to be!

Alright ArtLady - where were you at the beginning of this thread??? Just Kidding!!

Thanks for your response - it is good advice!!

I’ll keep you posted - at whatever point I get this thing finished :slight_smile:

Callagain - Thanks for your opinion as well!