I would like to buy

plastic needles
i have gone to many church bazzars but you cant find plastic needles
i found them at michaels but they are expensive
anywhere from 20.00 and up
they have hiked their prices considerably
does anyone know where i can purchase these
they are so comfortable

Try ebay, I hae bought lots of odd lots of knittint needles there, they often have plastic.


Knitting Warehouse


[I]Plastic[/I] needles are $20?? wow… what brand would those be?

Were you maybe looking at the fancy needles that light up? Either that or there must have been a pricing error. There’s no way plastic needles are $20.00. I would look at the Bryspun’s at Knitpicks or get a set of Denise Interchangables. I believe you can buy them here. Last time Amy was coloring them and selling them and they were really cute!

Joann’s has plastic ones that are about $6 or so…

Just wanted to chime in and say that I have a few that I would be interested in getting rid of. Let me know if you are interested or not and I will PM you on all the sizes. :slight_smile:


thanks for your replies
first let me say that michaels does have them
when i saw 20.00 i didnt look at the make
havent tried joanne
cant seem to find her near me
i live in markham on.
leah i will e-mail you
thanks again sylvia
bye the way i have never bought anything on e-bay
should look into it though

You can buy from Joann’s online… joann.com. But Michaels may have some others…

Denises are resin, not plastic.

thanks for moving this post

i cant find joanne on the internet
i would like to order these needles
maybe i dont have thcorrect name
can anyone help


I bought some off eBay. Try there.