I would like help plz

I have had this lovely boulce yarn that I really want to work with. I like the texture and feel of it but everytime I try to use it I just get frusterated. I knit and crochet so if anyone could give me pointers of how not to get the boulce yarn knotted up basically when working with it that would be wonderful. :wink:

All I can think of is using larger needles or hook. I personally might just give it to someone else.

Yep, boucle is easier if you use a larger hook or needle. Which yarn is it?

I would also recommend sticking with a simpler stitch pattern for two reasons: 1) because complicated patterns often don’t show up with these kinds yarns anyway, and 2) if you have to rip out mistakes, it will make the yarn fuzz up and look natty.

And I second the other two recommendations–a bigger hook or needles works much better. If you’re having trouble with the recommended hook/needle size, go up a size or two.

Yeah, it is frustrating. I won’t use it for that reason plus the fact that I won’t knit a yarn that doesn’t show stitches. Knitting stitches are small and too much work not to show them off. If I [I]had[/I] to I’d crochet it using a large hook.