I would like a yarn recommendation


I’m in the midst of designing a lace shawl pattern that I intend to call “Phoenix Rising” based on the mythology.

I’m looking for a featherweight yarn (not heavier than DK, but not as light as cobweb,) in a colorway that would best represent the mythology - one that contains some charcoal & umber, bronzes, chocolates, some deep and vibrant reds, burgundies, garnets, etc… but no yellow, blue or green please.

A touch of silk might be nice. I want some real drape and sheen.

Any suggestions?! THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!

You want a lace or fingering/sock weight and can try searching Ravelry yarns to find something in the colors.

I love the Madelinetosh Pure Silk Lace, but I’m not sure if there’s a colorway in there that you would like.

Malabrigo Lace in Rayon Vert has pretty much everything you’re looking for, but I think it does have some green. Their Stonechat might be another nice option though! :o)

It’s really hard to find a yarn that has a coloway containing all of those different tones! I’m not sure which shades you’d like to focus on, but you could perhaps check out Knit Picks [I]Shimmer[/I] in either “Spice” or “Sherry”. These are more on the brown/red end of the color spectrum.

thank you to all!

After looking at those suggestions, I think the Tosh in Terra comes pretty close! I’m going to keep that as one of the frontrunners, but would like more suggestions. I won’t be ready to start a new project for a while, so there is time to look around.

oooh - look what a ravelry search turned up! Silk Maiden - in Sangria!

That’s awfully close!

Ooh, that’s gorgeous Monidew!