I Wish I'd Brought My Sweater

Brrrrr. I’m in North Dakota this morning. It’s cold. It was comfortable when I went to bed last night but when I woke this morning I thought I’d left the air conditioner running. I hadn’t.

It’s 41 degrees here this morning. That may not be cold to Northern folks, but to this Florida bot it’s downright freezing. I left my sweater at home thinking I wouldn’t be needing it this time around but now I wish I had brought it along. Perfect temperatures for wearing a hand knit sweater.

You can bet I’ll be bringing it along next time around.

40 degrees is chilly! But Mason–you just want to attract all the chicks <g>


Where in ND are you???
Welcome to ND!:happydance:
Yeah 41 in the am may be nothing to us…but just wait until January… -35 windchills…yeehaw!:teehee:
The cooler mornings make for the nice change in the foliage though.

Mother’s rule # 5: Always bring a sweater. Even if you don’t think you’ll need it :wink:

Mother’s rules #'s 1-4 are mostly about putting things in your mouth and running with sharp objects :slight_smile:

41 is pretty cold just about anywhere when you don’t have your sweater! Hopefully it’ll warm up soon… brrr

Good excuse to start knitting one. You should get to the LYS stat!

The weather is getting cooler. It’s been in the high 50’s in the mornings in Alabama. Mason, miss checking in on you on your web cam. That was fun.

I made it out of ND alive LOL

I was way up in Portal, which is right on the Canadian border. I delivered a fire truck there that was going to an airport in Canada.

Am in WI now and it’s still kinda chilly. I guess Old Man Winter is on his way whether we like it or not.

Sorry about the webcam thing, I haven’t hit too many good wifi spots so far on the road. Hauling oversized is pretty much run all day and then drop to get a few hours sleep.

would love a pic of that handknit sweater!


A fire truck. That is a big haul. I would be all tense to have to haul something that big all day long.

It’s posted in the Whatch’a Knittin’ section.

It’s just another load to me. I do a lot of oversized loads. As soon as I made it back to the yard today I loaded up another fire truck and am taking it to an airport in Western Wyoming.


Which Canadian Airport? Do you suspect Toronto? That is near me…winks

It went to the Saskatoon airport. Am now in Wyoming, I’m delivering another fire truck to the airport in Jackson, WY tomorrow.