I wiped all my bookmarks

I decided to tidy up all the bookmarks in my bookmark folder, but my computer crashed while I was doing it and half on them got deleted. I managed to recover a lot from an old bookmark file but loads of my knitting patterns and fav blogs got wiped… Gonna have to search for them all again - not looking forward to it! :wall:

Aww. I’m so sorry. I know how you feel. Last month something weird happened with my firefox and I lost all my bookmarks! I still have no idea why. All my saved patterns I loved. I was sooo bummed. You may decide to sign up with del.icio.us. I did!

Do Foxmarks! It sychs your bookmarks and has them on a webpage to use when you’re away from your computer!


probably a good idea, but my e-mail folder, bookmarks and stuff in general is very messy - I never throw anything out. I prob had about 1000 bookmarks, probably mostly stuff I bookmarked and never looked at again! I’ll have to do some weeding first…

Good Grief, Lucy - 1,000 bookmarks!! !

  • is that all? :teehee:

When you get finished with the ‘weeding’ would you like to help me landscape/excavate mine? - then again, maybe I should ask for volunteers from the British Library or get a grant from the Research Council. :eyes::zombie::??:think:

Sorry, though, about your losing them - pain in the proverbial.

All the Best

I joined foxmarks tonight, good idea!

I dunno how many I had originally though! It deleted most of what I had mid way through K so most of my knitting bookmarks. I backed-up from a really old file so I got some back maybe 500. Maybe you could get some volunteer students from library school???