I will find this yarn

I would like to fing this yarn. Can anyone help me?

Hello and welcome to KH!!! It’s kind of hard to search for this yarn without knowing more about it! Is there any info with that picture as to what it’s made out of?? Or what company made it??


I have no info about company which made it. For me its important to find same color.

The image is from a website (possibly Polish) that sells clothing. This sweater is no longer available from that company. Being as it is not a handknit pattern that we can track down to see what yarn was used all we could do is guess.
Looks like a cotton yarn by the stitch definition, but I’m sure there are some blends that could look the same. Beyond that :woman_shrugging:. I did find some interesting options by googling Pink Blue Purple variegated cotton yarn. But if it’s factory made the yarn they used would most likely not be available for purchase in any store we could find. Good luck!