I went to a real yarn store today

OMG, I was in yarn heaven! :happydance: It was the nicest place ever. The people there were so nice and it was so cool to hear everyone “talking in yarn” as I always say. WOW, I wish they had some type of knitting group or something but I didn’t ask. That place is the nicest and it’s only like a mile from my house.

They had every type of yarn in every color. Holy cow, I know where I want to go when I pass on. I want to go to yarn heaven! :rofl:

:cheering: I’m so glad you found one so close!!

sigh…I remember my first LYS trip…it’s exciting isn’t it??

I was so nervous going into mine for the first time, I was such a newbie. Now I am an addict! And they are the nicest most helpful people! So glad you felt at home in yours :heart:


I want an LYS close by :waah:


I want an LYS close by

Me too!!! :verysad:

But, there’s always the Internet!!! :happydance:

I think I will be asking soon if they have a knitting group. I’m just kind of stuck in this social anxiety thing. I definately want to know other people that knit. Trust me, it was a big deal for me to go into a new place that I’m not familiar with but it turned out very well. The three ladies there kept saying they loved the scarf that I knitted. That was cool indeed. :hug:

If only my hubby knew how addicted I am to this. :teehee: He has some idea but not the full extent to how much I think about knitting. Could be worse though, ya know? I’m almost done one sweater and I have another one that is soon to follow and possily two more scarfs on the way.

Long live yarn obsessions! :eyebrow: