I Went Shopping Today

Nuff said, I hit Hobby Lobby today :mrgreen:

Ooh very nice collection! I must admit that I’m not a big fan of yellow, but seeing it in your pile makes me want to pick some up too. So what are you planning to make?

Wow, you DID go shopping. Look at all the pretty colors. Let me know how you like the “I Love This Yarn” I’ve been kind of curious about it.

The yellow in the pic is more of a gold. I picked out these colors for some hats I have in mind.

I’ve worked with the I Love This Yarn on a few projects and like it fine.

Knitting Guy- Wow! I love your selection of yarn. Thanks for sharing a photo of it.

OOOOOHHH. Pretty Colorssssss!:blooby:

Wow! When you go shopping you do it well! :yay:

When you go shopping you do not hold back lol
Lovely seclection of yarns :slight_smile:

Someone is going to be busy! Nice haul!

:rofl: Having just made it back to the yard I finally collected my Christmas bonus so I just went through and picked out whatever struck my fancy.

Nice selection. Now you will need to get busy.

Wow, that’s a LOT of yarn, good for you for spending part of your bonus where you want to!

:happydance: YAY! for yarn shopping!!

[B][I][U]The yarn looks nice[/U][/I][/B]… ESPECIALLY THE BLUE YARN~

but, Mason… IF I were to show you a photo of the yarn that I bought when I went shopping this weekend… you’d feel like you needed to go buy some more yarn! :roflhard:

If you’re interested… you can see the photos of my new yarn in my blog entry for today.

That is like yarn heaven…What I wouldn’t give to visit that yarnmarket you lucky girl!

Thanks Pauline… I need to take my camera back there and take some photos that REALLY SHOW what it’s like there… it is amazing. Right now, they seem to be putting some yarns on sale… (a package of 400 grams *The soft lavender and medium lavender were only $14.00 for 100% wool. That’s why I bought two of them to make some donated hats/etc. :smiley:

I think I need to go back this weekend and see what else is on sale! :wink: :rofl: :teehee:

Love the Vanna’s Choice! It is soooo soft and knits beautifully! Have fun!

Beautiful colors! I am making a hat for my son that you might be interested in if you haven’t already seen this pattern:

It is called a Halfdome hat for guys. I see your picture, so I thought you might like this hat, since the one you are wearing is similar!


Hey Mason - you got a couple “for the road”, didn’t you? Beautiful yarns - I’ll look forward to your FOs!