I Went on a Ravelry Fast and Guess What?

I decided I was spending WAY too much time on Ravelry and went on a self-imposed, 1-month fast (cold turkey) which ended today. I’m glad it did, but I’m glad I abstained. In doing so, I started searching and finding stuff on blogs, which I no longer was doing at ALL because of Ravelry. I found, for example, an awesome fisherman’s sweater on Eunny Jang’s blog while searching for same for DH.

I also spent more time here on KH:woohoo:. I still love Ravelry, but I would rather spend my time there looking at patterns now.

Just sharing. :hug:

That’s pretty much all I do anyway there other than logging my own patterns and projects. If I don’t find what I want there then I always search google or other pattern sites. I find that blog reading can take up way more time for me than Rav so I only look at a few and not all the time.

I saw that Eunny Jang pullover! Where is the pattern for it?

I use Ravelry to organize my own notebook mostly…and I do cross-comparisons of other’s projects. Like if I am knitting the “Something Red” sweater, I check out all the other “Something Red” projects to view their modifications, to read their notes, etc. I have learned some really useful things prior to casting on my own sweater.

I also like to keep up with certain interests. I always check into my Elsebeth Lavold Fans Club. Also like to read up in the Addi Lovers Group and see what’s new. Lots of good information in both.

I don’t socialize at Ravelry, other than a few knitters that have contacted me for help, or vice versa. I have been very pleasantly surprised at how helpful other knitters have been if I post a question about a project that I’m going to knit and that they have already blazed trail on!

I’ve researched patterns a bit…and found some things I love…and I’ve researched yarns a bit…and found out the lowdown quite a bit. But just a bit.

All in all, I think the Ravelry software and groups are great, but I don’t let the Groups suck up a lot of my time.

I think Knitting Help is more community oriented…and is more of a family. We have actually established friendships here at KH. I am here more than there. I haven’t taken on any ‘responsibilities’ over there, either.

:muah: I TOTALLY agree!!! The thing is that here, we all stay together because it’s the KNITTING that brings us together and we don’t separate into clans. There everyone goes their separate ways and I think that’s why THIS is a more friendly site! Even people who are on the opposite side on your politics, religion, etc. don’t let that get in the way because it’s all about knitting (or crocheting, spinning) here. :woot:

GOTTA LOVE KH!!! :woot::hug::woot::hug::woot:

Thanks for the nice comment about KH! :thumbsup:

[B]WE ROCK![/B] :woot:

I totally agree about your choice of words: about the “clans” over at Ravelry! TeeHee! :teehee: There are some very lovely people over at Rav…but then again, I haven’t ventured out into the highway of many clans! I keep a low profile and mind my own business mainly. Safer that way!

Time constraints limit how much online time I can spend, or am willing to spend, in any knitting place! I figure the time I spend here and at Rav gives me back the value of my knitting time that’s traded for it. Did I say that right? Well, what I mean is that the knitting time I give up is well worth it in the knowledge and friendships I’ve gained. So my online time is well spent. I have gained much more than I’ve given up. Boy, my brain is fried today. I think I said the same thing 3 different ways! :doh:

I don’t keep up with any BLOGS whatsoever, nor any other knitting forums. I’ll visit Knitter’s Review for yarn information about once a month, but that’s it for them. I like their yarn reviews and other tidbits of information they feature.

I guess my choice of words was bad, I don’t think there are any “bad” there, in fact, most of them are here too:X:BUT, if allow ourselves to divide up into groups who like, or hate this or that, then also, there are groups which CHOOSE to talk about topics which can only flare up tempers, etc. And if you like that, great, but here on KH we just talk knitting, crocheting and spinning/dying, so I love that about KH!

I didn’t misunderstand your meaning! :muah: You’re a very sweet person, and you have a reputation for being very level-headed and kind! No problem! I would never impute the wrong motive or meaning to anything you said, Arielluria! I knew what you meant by what you said, and I totally agree with you!

Hugs, :hug: