I was on the last row!

I am knitting Bella’s mittens for my granddaughter, one is done and I was on the last row of the second, laid it down for 5 seconds ( I knew better) and my dog got it!!! I am not experienced enough to be able to fix it…on DPN’s, cables…so I just frogged the whole darn thing to start over! I could cry! I did cry! It’s not that it is going to take that long, but I was so excited that I was practically done and could give them to my granddaugter. Darn dog! I love him, but…

Oh know, I’m sorry!:hug: I’d cry too. My basset got into the kitchen garbage while I was gone today. I’d much rather pick up that, than my knitting on the floor.

Oh my gosh, mine is a basset too! That’s weird.

Aw, Ginny! :hug:

I was on the sleeves of a baby cardi when I went to take a show and my little (not-so-little; 25 lbs) hound mix grabbed my knitting and ATE MY DPNS. She didn’t chew the knitting, but the bamboo needles were a total loss. Even though I didn’t lose any knitting, it discouraged me so that I didn’t get that sleeve done for two days.

I now have metal DPNs in size 7.

Bummer. Funny, though – people make jokes about cats and yarn, but it’s dogs who seem to do most damage! Maybe because we expect it from cats and hide things a bit better…

Oh, I’m so sorry!! I knew it was trouble when I saw 'was" in the title! Well, on the bright side as they say…you get to have the fun of knitting it again! :slight_smile:

Oh, I am so sorry. I actually just logged on to look for sympathy because I just had to frog 18 inches from the second sleeve of the sweater I am knitting for my husband. I saw the mistake a while ago, but I thought I’d just leave it in as a “signature” in the piece, but went to bed last night being nagged by my type A personality. I woke up this morning and just started ripping. :frog:

Sigh. A day and a half’s worth of work. Of just straight, boring stockinette stitch. And my DH is completely unsympathetic.

I feel your pain, sister! At least you can literally put your dog in the doghouse - I can only figuratively put my DH into it!

Good luck!

My partner just rolls his eyes when I start worrying about whether a mistake is going to show or not. Then he says, “it’ll never be seen by a man on a horse going by” which he claims is an old Yorkshire saying. Then he just waits for me to start ripping. :slight_smile: