I was asked to teach someone to knit~!

I went to church today and I spoke to our piano player and complemented her on her ovely playing. ( somehow she reminds me of Shandeh :teehee: )Well, she said she had seen my knit in church and it got her inspired… Well, she said she had a relative who offered to teach her if they could ever orchestrate their schedule together. she said that might be hard.
I told her when would be agood time for me next month :rofl: ~ I am a busy girl~ anyhoo… she said great
Now for my question:

Has anyone else taught someone else to knit and do you have any suggestions for a 1st timer on how to teach~! :notworthy:


I’ve taught a few people and have found the best way to get them going is to cast on 10 stitches myself, knit the first row with them watching, then just have them knit, knit, knit right alongside me. Once they get the knit stitch down, I have them cast on with the knitting on method since it’s the same basic motions. Then I let them decide to practice knitting or learn to purl.