I was a complete idiot

I dropped a #8 DPN last week. I grabbed for it so I wouldn’t have to reach all the way to the floor. ( I only have so many ‘bending downs’ in a day).
It lodged in the edge of the chair I was sitting in, and my left hand came down and SKEWERED my ring finger on the end of the needle.

it was in over 1/2", and when I tugged it out, internal bits came with it. (ewww. sorry).

so PSA. let the darn needle fall where it may before grabbing it.

I healed nicely, no infection. but it might leave a scar.

I’m such a dork. :doh:

Oh, good grief! I thought i was the only one who tried things like that (the catch a falling knife thing). Glad you’re healing up.

Omigod! :zombie: Hope it heals quickly!!:hug:

thanks, ladies, its almost healed already! good thing I had a tetanus booster recently, as my new foster kitty bit me hard in the hand last week as well!

I’m pretty much healed, no infections. Just idiocy, which hopefully will also pass. LOL


You’re not a dork… you are a knitter! :slight_smile:
Heal slowly… it’s the fastest way!
TEMA :thumbsup:

I have skewered myself hunting for a tapestry needle in the carpet before. Hah.

You’re not a dork. I do home repairs. I was pulling out pieces of a broken window pane, and didn’t wear work gloves, almost sliced my finger in two. Then there was the time I wasn’t paying attention and sliced my hand with a contractor’s knife. Good thing the room wasn’t carpeted.

I hope you were able to knit while you were healing.:guyknitting:

thanks! I healed nicely, and yes, knit through it.

haven’t been knitting as much lately, work and volunteering have been taking up time.

BUt I’ve done a couple pairs of socks, a washcloth, and added inches to 3 sweaters.

Oh, I love it… not done any work she says since… but… then she says ‘but’ a couple of pairs of socks, a washcloth and inches to 3 (count 'em), 3 sweaters…
I say… knitters are amazing, aren’t they?! :slight_smile:

lol. you have me laughing at myself.
and, I pointed out the exact same thing to someone else! they were complaining about no time to do …

and then told me about doing the thing they had no time to do!

we’re a funny bunch. funny in a good way. :slight_smile: