I wanted to say how much I really appreciate this site

I found this site by doing an internet search.

Last week I bought a “teach yourself to knit kit”. I thought maybe I might like knitting more the crochet.

I figured I am intelligent I can teach myself. Huh!

The instructions for “knit” said: “insert right needle into front of first stitch” (after casting on) Then it said: notice the right needle is under left needle… etc. etc.

So, I try and try and the stitches get tighter and tighter and finally I couldn’t get anothr stitch if I tried.

I pulled it all out. Tried again, same results.

I tried to “purl” and … wow that worked!

But the “knit” wouldn’t.

Finally in frustration I thought maybe there is some short video on line about knitting… and I found this place.

Guess what I was doing? I was putting my needle into the thread like it was a “purl” only in back of the left needle?!?!? :doh:

All I needed was to see that it goes from the bottom up but in back. (not from the “top down” (top being the tapered end of the needle in this example!)

Now I can knit AND purl!

Thank you!

:cheering: :cheering: Seeing what you’re doing always helps. Welcome!

Yay! So glad you found KH.

Welcome! I have been here about 2 weeks and I learn new things everyday…! Stick around more fun to come! :heart: :heart:

:cheering: :cheering: I don’t think I would be knitting today if it weren’t for this site!!


Yeah, this site totally rocks my socks (which I will be knitting soon). I just finished my first object knit in the round with double pointed needles, and I would NOT have been able to get through it without this site and the awesomely helpful people here. If I could :hug: this site, I so would. :notworthy:

I’m glad you found this site–I’ve learned a TON since I’ve been here too, and I’m really grateful for lots of knitting advice and for Amy’s videos. Everybody here has been very friendly, helpful, and encouraging. Amongst other knitting techniques, I learned how to knit on double pointed needles just by watching the videos. A bit off topic, but, BTW, I’m an Orthodox Christian too. :wink: Welcome to the group, and to the wonderful and fun world of knitting! :heart:

Welcome! :heart: So great to hear stories of newbies. Keep kntting and don’t hesitate to ask for help

:cheering: welcome! :cheering: