I want to trade some knitting books for a set of Denise's

I knit with my friends Denise’s recently, and they fit my small hands much better than addi’s. Cash is short though, so I will trade the following books for a set of Denise’s if you aren’t using yours.

Knit Wit by Amy Singer
Stitch & Bitch Nation (the armwarmer page came out, but is still with the books. They really should bind them spiral like.)
Knitting Lessons : Tales from the knitting path by Lela Nargi

Stitch & Bitch, a knitters design journal (a few pages , 5 to be exact, are filled in, but then I decided it just wasn’t my kind of journal. I am picky about them. lol)

Anyone wanna take me up on the offer? Email me at christina@chroniclesofyarnia cause I don’t actually get to be on the net much during the week.