I want to shock & terrify! Please!

These masks are probably the most famous frightening knits out there!
And I want to make them!! Does anyone have the patterns?? The link on swapatorium no longer works. I emailed the author & he’s sold the issue of McCall’s he got it from :(. Please help! Think of all the empty thrift store shelves I could fill with these! :??

Oooh go to www.craftster.org I know they had the patten there at one time! I know a few people did knit a few up :thumbsup:




There is a discussion on it there… looks like you have to order tha pattern

I don’t know if it’s orderable.
It was printed in a 1965 issue of McCall’s.

I was surprised to find a couple of hits on ebay. So we’ll see in 6 days if I’ll get my mitts on it.

Oooh I hope win the pattern!!! Make you you take pictures of you with it if you do :shock:

and “1965” yeah that pretty much explains it huh?

dear god, these are simply hideous…

good luck with your ebay bid

I won the ebay auction for only 99¢.
Here’s another one up for grabs, if anyone is interested.

Now I just have to wait for it to be shipped from Canada.
I’m sorry for all those things I said about Bryan Adams yesterday. :wink:

[size=1][color=blue]*The Mod Squad was here[/color][/size]

gasp BLASPHEMY! just when i was thinking that you were absolutely adorable for being insane enough to want to make these masks you confess to saying bad things about Bryan Adams?! i am appalled! :fingerwag:

hee hee! :rofling:

I’ve never been so excited, yet scared, for someone to post a picture of their knitting. :shock: