I want to make this sweater in a larger size

Hi. I’ve not asked for help before, as my mom and sister are incredible knitters, but, for this they can’t help me. I am making a beautiful baby sweater, and would really like to make it in a larger size. I emailed Lion Brand and this is what they had to say:

"We’re very sorry but this pattern is only available as written. To make the pattern larger or smaller requires quite a bit of redesigning which is very time consuming.

We regret we couldn’t assist you more."

Here is a link to the sweater.

Is is possible that someone here could help me with this? Thank you in advance

Hiya Pastal,
You could add one more pattern repeat (6 stitches) to make it a larger size or you could go up to size 6 needles and follow the directions.

If you choose to do the extra pattern repeat just remember to add on those extra stitches to your final stitch counts

for example on the back for instance, in the pattern it ends with 49 stitches, Just follow the shaping as the pattern states and you will have 55 stitches to place on the holder instead. Make it longer by adding more row repeats on the lacy parts for the sleeves and the body.

At first I thought it was done top down in the round but it’s a four part pattern, easier to alter the four part.

Thank you. It is done in parts, but then you put them all together for the yoke and finnishing it in one piece. I’ve never done a pattern like that before.

I also thought that I could use larger needles, and instead of doing it in inches, do it in rows. There are four rows to the pattern, and I did 11 sets of patterns. On bigger needles I could do the same amount of rows and wouldn’t it just be bigger?

It would be bigger with larger needles, but the fabric will be looser. It would be bigger yet with larger needles and thicker yarn.

You could increase the pattern repeats as Fibernut said, and when you get to the yoke just decrease as the pattern is written, but with more stitches in between the raglan shaping–proportioned to match the original. You’ll have more decreases to do, and that will make the yoke longer than the pattern automatically.

There’s a thought, use a worsted weight yarn like cotton ease, and size 7-8 needles, follow the directions and you’ve got a larger sweater. How much larger, I’m not sure - it could be huge.