I want to make this one, but

so i am the scarf queen haha. constantly making scarves… they are so trendy yes? but i want to make the one in these pictures:

the stripes look one, maybe two lines long with size 5 or 6 needles… but the color joins are so close together… weaving the ends in might be a bad idea… :frowning: it also looks like its probably stockinette stitching but its so loose and has a slight curl to it…

any help would be awesome :smiley:

It’s really hard to tell much from those pictures but I’d guess that the yarn is carried from one stripe to another throughout the whole scarf.

Doesn’t look like a hand knit from the picture either. Looks like a machine knitted tube, but that’s from what I can see.

that is more than possible… but i want to replicate it as much as possible haha.

how would i carry the yarn without it showing up in between stripes? :frowning:

Go to the General Knitting forum, and look for a thread from a few days ago called “Weaving in ends-- ugh”, by lifeisgood. That has the info you’re looking for.

Do 2 rows in one color, switch to the other color and do 2 rows. Twist the yarns loosely around each other, you don’t need to cut them for just 2 rows.

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but yeah i dont want to have to cut for every color switch… and i could just bring up the next color from where i left it and cut and weave later but still… i mean, i know how to weave and hide the ends and all but that would be a looooot of weaving… i will go check out that thread too… thanks :smiley:

It could be knit in the round or it could be carried up the side. Either way works. I did a scarf the way Sue mentioned and it came out great.

Needle size will depend on the yarn you use.