I *want* to make that bed jacket/shawl on the front page of KP

but I don’t like anything else in that book!! Anyone have a free similar pattern (or even a cheap(er) one)??


White Lies Designs has a few similar patterns, and one (Bed Jacket) that looks exactly like it.

I love that jacket too! It caught my eye immediately. I like a lot of White Lies Designs, so I’ll get it there. I’m getting some ‘yarn money’ for my birthday and I’m thinking I’ll include this one!

well shoot, you have to buy the book to get the pattern!

Thanks, that one is from the same book! But there are several there I like!!

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

ETA: Did you see the “Angelica” jacket on white lies?

Here’s a sort of similar pattern, not as pretty, but very nice!

Oh, I think that’s very pretty. I like it better than the other one. Different enough that I think I would wear it and enjoy knitting it.

Maybe your library has it? Personally, I’ll buy a book for one pattern.