i want to make a scarf but insrtuctions dont make sense

ive wanted to start a scarf but cannot understand what this part means.

I-Cord Cast On: cast on 3 sts and purl 1 row

Row 1 (RS): Wrap yarn around RH needle as if to yo, k3 from LH needle. Do not turn but slip first 3 sts on RH needle to LH needle p-wise. 1 st inc’d
Rep this row, bringing yarn behind work and pulling tight after each row, 37 times more, for a total of 38 sts inc’d and 41 sts on needles: 3 sts rem on LH needle to be worked with 38 sts on RH needle

i understand that i knit 3 to the right hand needle, but if i slipped them back to the left hand, how am i supposed to increase a stitch and how do i repeat the row if all these instructions are for just row 1 ??


I don’t see the increase listed unless they want you to do a YO. Here’s a video. If you can give us the pattern name and a link it would be helpful. (Don’t post pattern here as it’s a copyright violation)

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This is the increase, it is in fact a yarn over as Jan mentioned. It’s a little funny to do this at the beginning of the row but it’ll work. However, there does seem to be something missing as you can’t keep repeating just row 1 as is. I like the cast on video that Jan linked to from Very Pink better.

The yo is your increase and it will be left on the right needle as your first cast on stitch. Work the same row again beginning with a yo, slip 3 sts back to the left needle leaving the yo on the right needle for the second cast on stitch. Repeat for required number of stitches. Just for grins and giggles I tried it and it’s easier for me than a kfb increase at the start for an I cord cast on. I’ve yet to do an I cord cast on I’m pleased with, the first row is always loosey goosey for me. Maybe if I did the yo clockwise then untwisted it I’d like it better. Must try.
We would love to know what you’re starting so like Jan said, a link would be helpful.