I want to make a hat but


I only have straight needles 4mm long - is it possible to make a circle with those. If I can - please tell and give some ideas!! Also are there any good youtube videos you would recommend for my problem?:mrgreen:


Your needles are 4 mm [I]long[/I]? I looked at my ruler and that seems to convert to about 1 1/2" which is really short.

How useful this technique is for you I can’t say.
Knitting in The Round Straight


Do you have a pattern already or are you looking for one? There are many hat patterns for 4mm straight needles on Ravelry. You’ll have to seam them but that’s not difficult to do.


The first hat I made was with straight needles, but then you have to sew it up to make the hat shape. I didn’t like the way it looked (translation: I didn’t sew it very well), so I decided to learn how to Knit in the Round so I wouldn’t have to sew it. It took some practice, now it’s the only way I knit! There are good videos on this website and on YouTube. If you try it, I think you will like it!


I concur. 4mm long needles would be so tiny, I’d get cramps in my hands trying to use them. Maybe they would look good as a doll accessory? :teehee:


I definitely recommend double-pointed needles! I haven’t touched my straight needles in years. People are often intimidated by using four needles, but the principle is the same & it’s actually quite easy once you’ve got it.

Good luck making your hat!


Well, you can definitely knit a round object using straight needles. You would need to knit the project flat and then seam it to make a round shape. I would recommend using a ‘mattress stitch’ for creating your seam. Imo it produces the cleanest seam.

If you were to knit the object in the round, there are a number of different techniques and types of needles you can use to accomplish this. When I first began knitting hats in the round, I used a 16" circular needle, and when the circle became to small to accommodate the circular needle, I switched to double pointed needles.

I have used the 'Magic Loop’method for small diameter circular knitting for years; the technique usually requires a minimum of 30" length circular needle. There is no need to change to double pointed needles when using this technique.

Recently I have begun to use two circular needles to knit certain round projects. I have not knitted enough projects using this method to know how I feel about this technique, but I certainly do like it and may very well end up preferring it to the ‘Magic Loop’.


I think by long she just means straight needles that are 4 mm diameter.


My first few hats were done on straight needles. It’s really not that hard to do. You just have to seam them once you are done. Hat part can be a pain. I usually do mine on two circular needles now though.


I’m a male knitter for 25+ years now I’m 42. I accidently stumbled across this website. I’d help in any way I can with any questions also. I use YouTube if I have a question and no knitter is available to consult. I have no friends who knit, so any communication would be cool.
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This is the best tutorial I have ever seen on seaming! I think the knitting term is Bickford Seam. I challenge you to find the seam on the right side of the work! You really have to look for it. I enjoy using straights to get a break from fighting with my circular cables. https://youtu.be/xxLLcwjiwk8