I want to learn to knit!

Hi I am Susan Norgren and I want to learn to knit. I am also a lefty. Can I do this? Or, are there instructions with pictures like for kids learning to knit? My friend tried to teach me with little success, she is right handed. Any ideas please?
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There are “how to” videos up above. Also if you have a LYS (local yarn shop) go and ask for help. They are usually more than willing to teach anyone to knit. We have several lefties here in KH. Welcome to the group and good luck!

I have taught several lefties to knit. I just taught them to knit right handed. Recently I worked with a teen-ager who said she had tried to learn to knit 2 other times and couldn’t do it. I showed her how to do the knit stitch with what is called the Continental method. (There is a video on how to do it on this site.) She didn’t have any trouble picking up that much, and I haven’t had another session with her yet. :slight_smile: But I’m expecting her to be successful.

Most lefties are good enough with either hand to pick up knitting right handed. Give it a try before you decide you can’t do it that way. I think it will simpify things overall if you can learn right handed. Good luck!

Thanks! I am going to go for it righty style! I heard that even the pattern changes for someone who is left handed as well. I have needles that have the plastic cord on them in a size 10 US. Should I get the other kind? I am gonna do this! I need a new challenge and this sounds fun.
Thanks for the reply.

Thanks so much! I am off to watch the video’s. I am so glad you have them available because I learn better when I can see and do. Is there a way to download them to the computer so that I can practice when I do not have internet connection? (wireless internet)


Yes, most lefties do knit right handed although I know of one who knits completely left handed. If you need more help after the videos or need to print something out to have next to you (I did) then you can check these sites out as well.

Casting on will be the first thing to learn. If you have trouble with terms used in knitting there is a glossary at the tab above as well as both these links.


Welcome to KH!!:yay:

Sounds like your 10 needle is a circular. That will work fine to start on. Just treat each end of the circular needle as one staight needle. We use circular needles to make tubes of knitting but many of us prefer them for regular flat knitting as well. You will want to use yarn that is at least standard worsted weight yarn with that needle. Even a bulky or chunky yarn would probably work. Make sure you start with a smooth acrylic or wool type yarn, nothing frilly or fuzzy. And a medium to light color is best; dark is hard to see the stitches on.

I have downloaded one of the videos to my desktop so that I was able to view it at my leisure. I’m not sure how I did it, I’m not much of a computer expert.

Have fun!!

I casted on using my circular size 10 needles. I used my right hand to cast on and help the yarn in my left. It wasn’t even hard except for when the yarn fell off my fingers and I lost those casting on stitches.!
I am going to be a casting on er for a bit. Then a knitter! lol

I casted on all the way to the end of my yarn. Thank you for replying. I really really appreciate it!
Hmmmm, wonder if my husband wants to learn with me. That would be cool!

Jan, thank you for the links I have them saved. A few nights ago I looked and looked site like this and no luck then in one lucky swoop I found you all!

thank you

Susan, welcome!!

I just joined here about a month ago myself. This site was a gift from heaven, and ESPECIALLY those videos! She covers EVERYTHING pretty much! I mean, not like projects from start to finish, but she shows you just about everything you’d need to know to do beginner, intermediate and advanced level stuff! Yeah, for blow-your-mind-intricate you’d probly want someone to show you in person but for now I’m doing scarves and hats and gloves and socks, but I’d never be able to do what I’m doing if it weren’t for this net here on KH.

Hope you’re having as much fun as I am picking up a new hobby! It’s expensive though…! Do yourself a favor and go to the hardware store and pick up some wooden dowels in the smaller gauages. I got 5 sizes that roughly correspond to size 4, 5, 7, 9 and 13. The dowels are 4 ft long, so I had the guy chop them all in half to make it easier to carry home. Then each 2ft piece was cut into thirds, giving me a total of six pieces of each thickness. Add some sandpaper for finishing and viola! Double Pointed Knitting Needles! In a few of the sizes I got a second dowel to make regular straight needles, I’m still trying to figure out a way to make a pair of circs… Anyway, the whole thing cost about 8 bucks!

Also, Susan, I don’t remember if it was on here I read it, or on the video I heard it, or if it was even on some knitting podcast I’ve been listening to lately.

But any event, the person was saying that new knitters are often really worried about letting go of the needle in the right hand while winding yarn to make a new stitch , so they have a tendancy to grip too tight or make the stitches waaay too tight to compensate.

If you’re left handed already you might as well start out learning Continental/Picking style. I’m a righty and I still prefer it over English/American/Throwing style. You can keep both hands on the needles just about at all times and little rotations of your pointer finger on the left hand just about do all the work. Amaaazing!

www.leftoutknitter.com has instructions for lefties who want to knit. No stereotypes, no criticism, just great support! Try gnittink yahoo group as well. There’s a ravelry group too “on the other hand” but there are some traitors in that group so not all the support will be for lefties who knit left handed.

The others have pretty well covered any learning info I could throw in so I just wanted to say welcome. Enjoy your knitting. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the world of knitting. I am a fellow lefty who taught myself to knit and find this site an amazing amount of help on so many techniques for casting on to finishing. People here are always willing to help if you hit a snag.

One of the women at work told me she couldn’t show me how to cast on when I was having trouble because she’s left handed. I asked how it affected her knitting and she said that she ended up knitting everything inside out, then flipping it back around when she was done.

Try English knitting. I taught my coworker this way after we discovered that both of us have issues with continental knitting. Now she knits quite a bit.

I just started knitting a week or so ago. I took a class at Joann’s, but find all the videos very helpful too. I am knitting right handed and am doing really well, I finished my first project last night. My teacher said I was one of the best in the class. SO YES WE LEFTIES CAN DO IT! I wish you good luck. And don’t worry i spent quite sometime practicing casting on and such. Next I want to try my circular needles (they scare me a little). Your fingers will soon find their way! :yay: :woohoo:

Welcome to KH and your new obsession!

Many men enjoy knitting so it’s possible your husband may well enjoy it too.

Just remember to have patience with yourself, it takes time to learn any new skill set.

:woot: Welcome to KH!! :woot: