I want to knit with baby yarn. Help!

I am almost finished my soon to be here daughters afghan and I need a new project to start when I finish. I want to knit my daughter a scarf with the baby yarn and or a hoodie but I can’t find a pattern for knitting period with baby yarn. Can anyone help. Either a website with free knitting patterns will do or a pattern book I can get at Michaels craft store. I also have access to Walmart and target. Any suggestions let me know or if you have a personal pattern that will do too. Not too hard I just started knitting. I understand and can knit2 tog, purl, purl 2 tog, stockinette stitch and YO (yarn over)!!! Thank you

are you on Ravelry?

Never heard of it.

go to www.ravelry.com.

You need to register, but once there you will find more patterns and ideas then ‘carter has liver pills’ (as my Mom used to say!)

Is the scarf for your new baby? or an older sister? I’m not so sure I like the idea of a scarf for an infant…

Other places to look for free patterns:



Thanks!! Its for my daughter. I am due January 26th!! :smiley: I thought it would be kool too seeings how this supposed to be a cold winter for New England.

You can use any pattern you find that calls for sock yarn, fingering weight or in the more modern classification (where they have a number shown in a skein of yarn) look for #1.
And yes! do join Ravelry!


Try these sites. The patterns use Opal sock yarn.

Michael’s website also has patterns.