I want to knit this!

So it’s come to the point where I see a sweater in a catalogue and think, not I want that, but I want to [I]knit[/I] that.

And it’s this:

from the JJill catalogue. Any thoughts on finding a similar pattern? If you can’t tell from the photo its a sort of shawl-y roll necky v- cardi. How about yarn suggestions?


Oooh! That’s cute!!

I haven’t seen any patterns like that…but it is darling. Maybe try cardigan, knit, free pattern search on your favorite search engine? There’s nothing like a google on a Thursday!


That is so cute!

if you look at garnstudio.com (?) there are a couple like that.
I can’t here, my monitor is too dim.
very cute!

:teehee: How true is that! I spend ridiculous amounts of time seaching for patterns - but what better way to spend a cloudy Thursday!?

:waving:Thanks so much Rebecca!! I can’t believe I haven’t used that before … there are so many nice things - it’s just taking forever to load each page I click on … I’m hopeful though! I sometimes wish I could design the things myself … but that seems to require …:hiding:math!

Check out the kimono knitting book; it looks like a wrap-around kind of sweater, maybe you’ll get some ideas there.

This is the closest I’ve been able to find but I will keep looking,

I know the yarn is wrong and the sleeves are wrong and, and, and, but it’s changeable. Wish i knew how they did the neck edging. Is it just stockinet, knit straight and left to curl or a tube of some sort?

Here’s another one that is close but I just wish i could find that neck line. It’s so nice.

Ah, Hilde - that right - it is sort of kimono-y (that’s a word, right?:teehee:)

Thanks so much Mazie! That first one is pretty close! I think if done in a looser gauge so it’s a little drapier. And I think if the neck edge was done at the end - pick up the stitches, do a couple rows in garter, then a few in stockinette to get it to roll a bit … It might work!:yay:

You all rock!

I went to Garnstudio and Typed in ‘wrap sweater’ these 4 popped up.

I really like 73-24 which is the one on the right, Different yarn of course. Like you, I really want to knit this. Thanks for bringing it up. Could you use a 5 stitch, applied I-cord for the neck line? Now to find the right yarn…

I couldn’t get the link to work right - but I’m going to do a search like you did. I actually saw the sweater in person last night. They picked up the stitches around the neck and did stockinette - the rest of the sweater was reverse stockinette. I was so proud of myself to figure it out! The salespeople must have thought me insane though!

Maybe we’ll start a KAL …

Now for the ‘right’ yarn. Could you tell what kind they used? I think I might like a dark grey with a white fleck. But, any heather would also be lovely.
A knit-a -long would be fun but I have a few works-in-progress I have finish…

There is a reason why I shouldn’t be looking at threads like this… lol… Ugh, soooo cute… must knit… need more hours in a day…

Isn’t that true - need more hours - or less sleep, or something.

I’ve got things I’ve got to finish too - I’m trying to limit the sweaters to one at a time …

The yarn was a boucle - like mix, I think. Had some texture, and flecks of something or other. My dh thought it was ugly:teehee: - what does he know … It needs to drape well, and I really like the blue, but a gray would be wonderful …

This yarn looks close to your picture, price very reasonable.
It is acrylic though, but easy care…

I used it for a sweater and it only took 3 or 4 skeins and I am larger than your fashion model.

Thanks, for the link. I will have to have a close look at this yarn, the darker shade of blue looks really nice. I can’t afford to be a yarn snob and ‘easy care’ works for me. The closer I look – maybe the grey? oh dear…

How funny! I just bought that sweater a few days ago and I love, love love it! Of course, as with all sweaters, I had to look at how the pattern was made.

It’s done in reverse stockinette, with a tiny bit of ribbing at the sleeves and hem – just two rows of k2p2.

The roll collar/front is picked up and knit in stockinette. It must be short-rowed, as the collar is about double the width of the rolled section on the front near the buttons. And the whole thing is done in a very fine guage – maybe #2 needles – which is why I went ahead and bought it. It would take me until next year at least to knit!

Knovice, Threesmom, I need to ask, how do they do the front closing? It looks like a single button on the out side. but how do they handle the other side? Is there a ribbon or another button? You said buttons but I would have thought that would be a lot of strain on the one stitch where the button is sewed. Do they have a reinforcing button at the back of the fabric? I even thought about using a ‘turks head knot’ frog closing which would have more support than a single button. I also thought about using a flat shoe string (cut in half) and stitched inside for holding the inside corner in place. Now, I think I will just use a 1/4" ribbon, because I-cord would be too thick knotted inside. Am I over thinking this?
Makes so much sense about the short rows in the collar, Thanks for that tip.
It will probably take me into next year to finish all my ufo’s and start this sweater but I do like to have as much of the detail worked out, when possible, before I start, thanks, Ladies. you Rock.

There was a button and loop (croched?) on the outside, and a smaller button and loop on the inside. Neither was reinforced, but it’s a machine knit sweater at small gauge, and was designed to be an “easy” fit – so, it shouldn’t be putting strain on the buttons. That said, I might still reinforce the bigger, outside button just to be safe, since that one is really what’s holding it closed. The small inside button should be placed so that it’s just holding the inner panel in place, rather than pulling in any direction.

Also, if we really want to repicate the details of the sweater, note that the rolled collar starts at the same height as the buttons. Below that on both sides of the front, they seem to have about a 1" wide band in 1x1 ribbing. But I think it would be simpler to just continue the rolled collar all the way to the bottom.