I want to knit an odd shape?

Hi everyone - Great Site, I am so glad that I found you!!

I am trying to make a lettuce leaf shape, for a project, and I have searched and searched and cannot find anything!, It has to be around 8" long x 5" wide.

Hoping someone can help.


I didn’t look through them all, but you might get a start here.

I have already looked at this site, there is a pattern for the lettuce on the salad sandwich, but it doesnt say how many stitches and I cannot work it out.

Any help would be appreciated :lol:

It looks to me that if you start with 25, it will work out.

That great!!!, I will give it a go tomorrow and let you know how I get on.

Thank You

Night Night

Well I finally got round to having a go at the lettuce pattern, OMG it looks like a Pork Chop, I am not sure if I am doing the first bit right, knit into same stitch twice, so I knit and purl into the same stitch to increase? is this right LOL.

I have tried the pattern 3 times and it does not resemble lettuce!

Please help me someone…

does the pattern actually say to knit and purl into the same stitch or just knit into the same stitch twice? if it is just knit then that is all you do. Knit and then before you drop off the stitch knit again.

I dont know what that means?, I have tried doind this but my yarn gets twisted?

The pattern actually says:

Cast On 25 stitches.
garter stitch 2 rows
3rd row K twice into 1st two stitches, K to end.
4th row K twice into 1st two stitches, K to end.
5th row K all stitches
6th row Cast off 4 stitches, k2 together 4 times, K to end.
7th row K all stitches
8th row knit twice into 1st two stitches,K to end.
9th row cast off 8 stitches, K to end.
10th row Cast off 4 stitches,K2 together 4 times,Knit 2.
11th row Knit 2 together to end
12th row knit 2 together, K1 , thread yarn through stitches and fast off.

It does not resemble a lettuce when completed at all, and would appreciate if anyone can spare an hour to give this pattern a go?