I want to knit a ruana

most of the patterns i have found hang longer in the front
i am short so this wont work for me
does anyone have a link or has made one
your help would be much apprec iaTED

sorry i meant to say the ruana hangs longer in the back

This is a very simple pattern for one, and i think the easiest to modify - you can just cast on fewer stitches initially, to make it smaller overall. Plus, this one has the front and back equal.

hi melinda
that is nice but the one i want has sleeves
thanks for trying

Hmmm, I thought a Ruana was like a wrap, and held in place w/a broach?

I did also find this, called a ruana jacket is that the sleeves you want? If so, you can follow the first pattern (or this one!) and simply seam the front to the back leaving arm holes, as described in finishing for this one.

Edit - if there is a specific pattern you want to modify, post a link here and perhaps someone can help you modify the size to fit you!

Yeah, generally a Ruana is a large rectangle that’s unjoined in the front to make long wings you can let hang straight or toss one over your shoulder. No sleeves unless you seam up the sides.

Maybe if you make it wider rather than longer it will have the desired effect? I’ve been wanting to make one too, and with more of the “sleeve” look, and after looking at how they are made, that is what I had planned. Good luck!

hi melinda
thats it but i will make it even front and back
thank you very much
and i will get back to you all if i am successful