I want to knit a bag for a camp chair! Got a pattern?

My son’s nylon bag for his folding camping chair ripped apart and I want to knit him a new one. I figured that a knitted one would last a lot longer than the nylon one the chair came in.

Does anyone have a pattern for something like this??? Or an idea of how to come up with directions for this?? The chair itself is still OK, just the bag ripped apart.

Also, what type of yarn do you think would work the best? Which one would be the sturdiest?


Kitchen cotton may work, but I’m not sure a knit one actually would be better than a nylon case.

Yeah, I don’t think it would last longer really. I’m not sure knitted anything can withstand the abuse a chair bag would take. :shrug: Heavy canvas fabric would probably work better.

Thanks for the tips. His original bag ripped after just a few uses, so I’m not sure what will be sturdy enough.

I’ll have to look into that canvas idea!
Thanks, knitcindy

there are a lot of sturdy fabrics out there.


this is a German site with English text. I do not think, ordering from Germany would be necessary. But there must be US-Companies around. Maybe just get the idea from the linked page.

There are interesting and sturdy nylons out there, also other tech-fibers. And then there is heavy cotton. If you want to do the overkill-version (and weight does not matter the most of all) try getting some sail material for sailboats. that stuff will withstand a LOT. Since it will not have to be waterproof you can just sew it up.

Knitting would not be my option for this purpose!

Sturdy canvas or nylon would be better than knitting. Either one is readily available atsewing shops. As for patterns…is this one of those collapsible umbrella type chairs, or something different?

Yes, a “squish-it-together like an umbrella” chair. His carrier bag ripped as he was trying to shove the chair in. My mom sews, so I’ll probably have her sew him a new one.


I thought of another really sturdy fabirc: the stuff you take for deck chairs or awnings. That should be a real summer time find at the fabric shops. And it comes in nice colors, too, usually.

You could also use some leather or patches to reinforce the areas that get abused like the bottom and corners.

Something like this.