I want to cry

I’m still working on the Boogie vest from knitty and I made an error on the cable, well I was supposed to p2 before I made it. I tried to work my way back to it but that just made a mess.

Why is it hard to undo cables? Can someone please make a video on how to UN-do a cable? Now I have to go back to the LYS and I need to be able to do this on my own.


It’s not a video but it has pictures

Hang in there Boo…

here’s another link for reference:


For me, when undoing cables, it’s really just a case of taking a deep, deep breath, pinching the stitches underneath so they have nowhere to go, and taking the needle out of all of them, then picking them up again in the right order. It’s a little scary, but if you have a crochet hook to hand to grab any stray stitches, it’s quite simple.

I think I’ve already messed it up beyond my ability to repair, so it’s going into the shop this afternoon.

I can promise you this-from now on, every cable row will be done more carefully! If I just purled the two stitches before the cable like I was supposed to, the cable wouldn’t have been in the wrong place.


No no–there is no crying in knitting–

well, there is, but there shouldn’t be! Hugs to you!


Tinking cables isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. I personally detest tinking a project with much cabling on it.

I hope you get your sweater back to where it should be without too many problems!!


I’ve never tried to drop the stitches when I make a cable mistake. I always frog back. I think that I’ll give the drop method a try (on a practice piece).

I have dropped stitches, used a crochet hook and cable needle to redo and then used crochet hook to “go back up”, is a pain depending on how far you knit before you noticed the mistake.

Even though I can fix my own mistakes, I always, always, ALWAYS check my work after every row. Saves a lot of heartache in the long run. :frog: