I want my knitting!

I’ve been shut down sitting in a hotel room all week. When I dropped the truck off at the body shop I was kind of in a rush and left my knitting bag in the truck. I’ve been sitting around with little to do and NO KNITTING! Argh!

Aw man, that REALLY stinks!:hair: Can you get back to the body shop and pick it up?

I left mine home one symphony weekend in Wichita Falls - the nights were very long.


What’s worrisome is WHY is your truck in the body shop? Were you in an accident? Are you ok?



As the truck is some 50 miles way I haven’t been able to get back there and get my knitting. sigh

As for why it’s it in the body shop it was hit by some dimwit (kindest word I can use) who backed into it causing $5,000 worth of damage. And then he tried to get away. I called on the CB for somebody to stop him and a driver pulling into the driveway stopped and blocked him in. I slugged him a couple of times and kept him there until the cop showed up.

It was kind of funny because he tried to get the cop to arrest me for hitting him but the cop said he must have hit his face falling out of the truck in the process of trying to run away from a hit and run.

Sheesh… hope your fist doesn’t hurt too bad…

I was just telling the BF the other day that Walgreens needs to sell some knitting/crochet supplies (he’s a manager there…). Like… if they stocked one brand of yarn in one or two colors, and the corresponding needle/hook size… they’d make a killing on it!

I can’t tell you how many times i’ve been stuck somewhere with nothing to do, kicking myself because I forgot a project.

I read about the truck in your blog. Glad you caught the guy in time (and slugged him). Ouch about your knitting ;_;

You should carry a knitting emergency kit with you :slight_smile:

Yeah, well, I’m sorry I’m not as “civilzed” as some people.

Thanks. Yeah an emergency knitting kit is not such a bad idea LOL

Sorry to hear about that Mason! I’m missing my knitting too, but it’s only because I’m trying to get a jump start on the reading for my next round of classes (taking four this coming term…which starts in a few days). The knitting is just going to have to wait.

So, I empathize with you. Hang in there. How much longer until the truck is ready?

Thanks. I remember how bad class prep could be.

The truck is supposed to be ready around noon tomorrow.

:cheering: about the truck! I know you can’t wait!

As far as class prep…I thought I was going to enjoy a two-week break, but then I took a look at one of my class syllabuses, and when I saw that we would be reading three books in their entirety (and one is over 600 pages long), I decided to start reading them asap.

Anyhow, I’m sure you’re going to have a lovely reunion with your knitting. :thumbsup:

Um…why the need to hit the guy? I see he tried to run but since he was closed in…why the need?

There are a couple of reasons for it but in all honesty, and I am not trying to be snide or mean in any way at all, simply asking the question tells me there is no way in the world you would ever understand.

Feel free to think what you will, I’m fine with that. Suffice it to say that we have a certain code among us and this person stepped well outside of it.

Aw, that sucks for you - yay for the cool police guy though. You getting the damage paid for on insurance?

Ok…so…we won’t insult each other’s intelligence Mason and this is the first time we’ve disagreed but I can’t support it nor the police officer’s response. I do understand why police sometimes choose a subjective response and sometimes I do support that. It would be ridiculous to say I’m not judging and stepping out of adult role to claim that. I don’t support physical violence in the same way I don’t support domestic violence (to women OR men).

Just because we know and love you…and I DO like you a lot, doesn’t mean I can support you belting someone up.

If it helps you to know Mason, I was around bikers…like…serious bikers with sergeant of arms etc…for many years. I DO understand code…but at this stage of my life I can pick and choose what to support.

If it were my son who did that, he would not have run, but I could not support you having bashed my son for wrongly guessing a distance. I presume you thought it malicious.

No, I didn’t consider his hitting my truck malicious in any way. It was an accident, plain and simple, and that’s something that just happens and isn’t worth getting upset about. It’s the second time this year my truck has been damaged in such a way.

It’s the trying to run away that was the issue. Firstly, hit and run in a commercial vehicle is a felony (and he was charged with that). Secondly, you have no idea how many problems it creates for a driver when his truck is damaged and the guilty party just takes off. It winds up going on the driver’s official DOT record as an accident because there is no one else upon which to charge it and no way to prove he didn’t damage his own truck. Believe me, that is a very malicious thing to do to another driver and can seriously affect their job and livelihood.

The first driver that hit my truck this year was a rookie. He stopped, got out of his truck, and was knocking on my door before I had my pants and boots on. He earned my respect because he was man enough to stay and deal with his mistake.

We can agree to disagree, I understand some people’s feelings about violence. I pretty much feel the same way as I don’t like it either, but I live and work in a much different environment with different rules.

But then, this thread was about the fact that I don’t have my knitting with me and wish that I did. Luckily I should be back in my truck, with my knitting, later today. :yay:

Mason… learning about people…and ways of being…is often borne from challenge. So may our mutual strengths grow :slight_smile:
Aussie to US trucker… :slight_smile:

Awww, poor Mason! :hug: I read about your truck incident on your blog as well. Can’t we all just get along? :rofl: Don’t worry, I understand.

I hope you get your truck and knitting back today! :hug:

[SIZE=1][COLOR=Silver]:psst:While I don’t condone violence, anyone who hits and runs deserves to be slugged. [/COLOR][/SIZE]