I want Knitty Gritty with Vicky Howell back on!

:tap: Anyone out there know why us out east (Ohio) now have "Knitty Gritty on at 5 am??? I love her and the show but don’t think I can handle 5 a.m. or 7 am HGTV? :cry:

I’m here in North Texas and we are Knitty-Gritty-less as well. Well, at least if you don’t count re-runs at 4 am. I guess it was cancelled or the ratings weren’t good enough for its 1:00 time slot.

Why don’t you just tape it, Tivo it, or DVR it? Frankly, I don’t miss it since they never make much I’m interested in, but if you are recording is the way to go.

I’m in New Jersey and I just noticed that it is coming on at 5am in the morning here. Why, I don’t know. I guess they figure all knitters/crocheters are up at that time in the morning…:shrug: :wall:

Well, I love watching major knit designers on there, Lily Chin comes to mind…not to mention Ann Modesto…(who does a wonderful combination knitting thing) Oh yea, Amy (from Knitting Help.com also has had a guest spot on there…) So, hope you caught a “few” a those episodes… As far as us “easterners” I guess we’ll have too TiVo:hug: Cheley

That’s why I said most of the stuff, I love watching those kind of people, too. I’m thinking more of the projects… fuzzy vests, fuzzy dice, shoes…those kind of things don’t interest me. I think the show is often geared toward younger people or maybe I’m just an old fogie.:shrug: I DO DVR it though so I can catch people like Yarn Harlot or Lily Chin. :yay:

My DVR is set to record it. I wouldn’t make a lot of the items they knit, but I love the show and today I sat and finished a pair of armwarmers for DH while I watched a show about knitting socks…lol. :smiley:

Did you check Diynetwork.com to see about whether they are producing new shows or not? If it is fairly recent you noticed the difference it may be they are involved in this writers’ strike thing and are unable to make any new shows. I would email or write to the network and ask.

I don’t even record it anymore. I got tired of all the reruns. I have no idea if or when they’re doing new shows, but not to worry, if you miss an episode, it’ll be replayed about 45 times! :thumbsup:

Come on, Jan! Confess, you’ve always wanted to knit a lion mane cozy for your computer monitor! :roflhard:

Seriously, though, I’m thinking that it may have to do with the writer’s strike. Even shows like Vicky’s still hire writers. There are still some shows showing new episodes, but that has to do with them already having scripts in hand. If the writer’s strike were to end today, we would actually be still watching reruns for several weeks or months because it takes time to write a script, act it, edit it and schedule it. Smaller low budget shows (like Knitty Gritty) have a harder time than bigger shows like CSI or Lost which have a large income potential.

I enjoy the show in that it is encouraging a whole new generation of knitters, but, like Jan, I rarely find anything on there that I want to actually make.

Good point!!!

Yea, It’s definetly geared toward “younger” and a “hipper” group, although some might consider me an “old fart” (at a young age of 52)and just started knitting…(and crocheting) but I still love watching the knitwear designers…come on wouldn’t you just love to knit a “thong” or a “corsett”?:roflhard: Oh I also like that lovely aussie chic on Uncommon Threads !!!

Yeah, you’re all right. The only thing that I have ever made from that show was a set of coasters. I just think that it was kind of cool that there a knitting show on TV.

I have it set to record new ones only so needless to say it hasn’t recorded anything in ages.

Yeah, that’s next on my list, right after the thong to “cover” my 55 yr old a$$. :teehee:

for a quick fix you can try CraftRockLove podcast…

I had mine set to record new stuff, but it’s not very accurate so it would record reruns if the description didn’t say “repeat”, even if it was. So annoying. I have a DirecTV DVR… it’s a little buggy. :doh: