I want a Blog too!

Everyone seems to have a blog SOMEWHERE and I’m starting to feel a bit left out so I thought I’d just do this. :slight_smile: I haven’t been on this sight long but since I have I find myself reading about knitting alot more than actually knitting. :aww: But what can I say, I’m learning alot from it and having a great time!

I’m pretty new to knitting but really enjoying it. OTN right now I have a skirt for me and a hat for DBF. But my list of bookmarked ‘going to make’ projects has grown uncontrollably!! Don’t really think you can consider yourself a knitter if thats not the case though. :cool: I have also been developing my ‘stash’ to DBF’s dismay. :mrgreen:

So thats about it. I’ll try and add stuff as things develop and maybe get some pics going!

Welcome to the blogs! :yay:

I hear you on the list… I need to live to be 250 and knit every waking hour to finish it I think. :lol:

So I have a few projects on the go and alot that I want to make so I thought I’d try to organize them a little bit here, mostly just for my sanity.

*Cherry Sweater (Put aside for now. Will get back to it but not right away)
*Skirt (At least a couple months before I can actually where the thing but would still like to finish it)
*Cabled Neckwarmer for mom (Want to have it done by end of the week when I see her)
*Hat for DBF (Want to finish right after neckwarmer)

Want to make:
*Baby booties for boss (His wife’s not due for a bit so no rush)
*Tea cozie for Grandma (Waiting on yarn, should only take a couple days once I get it)
*Lunch Bag for DBF (Need yarn but will be a quick project)
*Socks (Never made a pair and really want to learn. Don’t know when I’ll get to it but hopefully soon-ish)
*Cherie Amour Sweater (Yarn is on back order. Don’t know when that will happen)
*Slipper shoes (Again, have to wait till summer to where them so no rush)

Things I am trying to find/make patterns for. None of these are ‘now’ projects, more ‘I wonder if it would work’ projects.
*Cabled bag
*(Different) Skirt

Wow, hopefully I can start turning some of the OTN to FO’s and the want to makes into OTN. DBF got laid off a bit ago so I never had anytime to myself to knit but he just started his new job so now I have the house to myself sometimes which is nice. I get more work done that way :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, back to the needles

Wow - your Want to Make list is sooo short! :teehee: My list is so long, I’ve stopped adding to it. Now, I just collect patterns and use the collection as my list. :mrgreen:
Happy Blogging!

I know what you mean. I’ve only posted things I either have yarn for or have ordered yarn for. The ‘Knitting’ folder in my bookmarks has grown insanely!! I’m trying to stay focused on these things though because I have a habit of starting something, then seeing something else and starting it and never going back to the first thing. I am a chronic ‘half-finisher’ :stuck_out_tongue:

So I have officially joined Ravelry and it is great! Its such a great way to keep track of my projects and I found a group of knitters here in my hometown. I’m really excited because every other week they have a knitting pub night!!! How great is that!?! I know what I’ll be doing on Wednesday.

:yay: Isn’t it great!? That’s how I usually get all the patterns I end up posting for people. :thumbsup: