I wanna make a hat

I’ve never made a hat before. This is what I have on hand and somebody please tell me and point me in the direction of a hat I can make with what I have on hand.

Needles - 6,8,10,10.5,11,13,15,17 Circular 13,17

No dpns

Yarn is all cotton.

Thanks for your help. I like to practice on the inexpensive stuff first before I take the leap.

well with those needles you can make pretty much any hat you want to that is knitted flat and then seamed. if you want to do it in the round you are going to need a set of DPNs or another set of circs in order to do the decreases. so i would say go through here and find something that you like and then dive on in! :smiley:

This is a good site, too.

Here’s a hat knit flat! (you don’t have to do the VW part)


Thanks Brendajos and Ingrid for your help. I think I am gonna go with the Kool Hat on the link that Brendajos gave me. I will keep both links for future reference. I don’t know why I listed the circs. I haven’t even tried to use them yet.

I have a question though. I picked up some chopsticks the other day and I figured I would convert them to DPN’s. How do you measure the size of the needle? I put it in the size “7” hole and it wouldn’t go through. Then I went for the “8” and it had a little room around it. My aluminum needles fit “snug” in the hole. Should I use my homemade DPNs, and if so, what size would I use them as? Thanks.

The needle size isn’t as important as the gauge you get with them. Use whatever needles get you closest to the ‘stitches to the inch.’ You’ll be the only one in town with size 7 1/2 needles! :wink:

Thanks Ingrid. I was sitting here thinking that maybe one day I would create my own pattern and list my 7 1/2’s and people would be going crazy looking for my unique needles. :thinking:

:rofling: There would be threads in every knitting forum in the world asking where to buy them.