I wanna cable knit like the video.but somethings gone wrong

hey everyone…
i’m trying to start to make cables in my knitting. unfortunately, i don’t know how the person in the video started out her pattern.
i’m really confused…
if i cast on 16 stiches…and i want my cable to be 4 stiches wide…

this is how i started…
row 1. p4 k4 p8
row 2 and every even row…Knit
then i continue this and then try to turn?
i’m so confused.
can someone tell me how to get the design (or atleast half of the project) that was used in the CABLES VIDEO?

thanks and i hope i’m not too confusing!

When you are working a cable, the background stitches are usually worked in reverse stockinette stitch–purl on the right side and knit on the wrong, like you laid your’s out in the first row.

The cable itself is worked in regular stockinette stitch, so your example would be

Row 1 - p4, k4, p8
Row 2 and all even rows- k8, p4, k4

You would do the cable cross every 4, 6, 8, rows–however you want it to be.

I learned by doing a knit 3, knit 2, (knit 1 Purl 1 4 times)repete for each of 3 segments, then knit 2, bring yarn forward and turn

that was the first row (26 or 28 stitches I think)
then every (5th or) 6th row you either cable front, or cable back the middle (#2 of 3) segment

this was a free pattern i got from a store, and it taught me the basics of cabling
I have long lost the pattern, but its a reversible cabling stitch with a self hemming edge

my Sister recomends thie following pattern

hope that helps you

A cable pattern is much like a ribbed pattern except for the rows where you cross the stitches over each other. So on the back side, you would knit the knit sts and purl the purls, just like in ribbing.


thanks everyone for you help.
both of those suggestions helped me!