I Used the Hand Knits!

I’ve been making dishcloths/washcloths for quite some time… but never using them. Then, this week at work it’s been insane, so I grabbed a ball of peaches n cream… ( I think that’s the name) and knit up 2 dishcloths & a coaster.

I used the dishcloth!!! I grabbed it this morning and used it to clean the kitchen, rinse dishes… washed counters… They work awesome!

I know… I should have known this… but they work better than the ones you buy!..

Ok, you can lol, just had to share… oh yeah, buy the way… the washcloths are awesome on your skin also, lol:lol:

Aren’t they the best??? That’s all DH will use in the kitchen now! :teehee:

That reminds me, I need to get some yarn to make some.

Yup! Handknit dishcloths are the best! Glad you discovered this. :lol: samm

:teehee: I use mine ALL the time! Make enough so you can change them every day or every few days and you’ll always have a nice clean cloth!

It’s always nice when we discover something fun, eh? And the best thing is that the yarn to make them is so cheap! Good for you!! :thumbsup:

They are the best, aren’t they?

My husband [B]refused[/B] to use them. Absolutely freaked out & would snatch it from my hands if I attempted to get it wet. He thought it was too pretty to use! He’d even (jokingly) talked about getting it framed. So I waited for a time when he wasn’t around & used it…it was so nice!! And then teased him when he got home. He was so disappointed. He’s funny. :teehee:

:blooby:yes my DH loves them…He uses them in HIS kitchen!!! :out:

I say :woohoo:

:teehee: Well, knit him a special one he can frame.

I love mine, too. I use a new one twice a day, one for morning and one for evening. You do want to change them often to avoid harboring bacteria. Good excuse to knit some more! Great way to test out new stitches and learn new techniques - I did several mitered squares, entralac, different cables and other stitches, too. :thumbsup: Love 'um!


I’ve been thinking about knitting my DH some 100% cotton towels to wipe down his brand new bass boat. He bought some cheap terry towels and then complained about the lint they produced.

What I’m wondering is, will the cotton be soft enough to use? I don’t want to leave any scratches in the gel coat that makes up the boat’s finish. Does the cotton soften a bit after it’s been washed/dried or used?

I’m not sure if any of you have experience with bass boats and their finishes, but you do know lots about cotton dish cloths! Any suggestions?

cotton is very soft. After a few washing especially. I use a towel I had made out of scraps I used for other’s dishcloths. It is what I use on my chrystal. No scratches whatsoever

Thanks for the reply.

I’m also thinking now about using LB Microspun and doubling it up to make it extra soft, but cotton is my still my first choice for dish cloths.

Ditto what everyone else said… I hesitated to use mine for a while too, but now that I have, there’s no going back. It almost makes washing dishes fun (almost, I said…).