I Tweaked a Pattern!

I found this pattern for a dishcloth but since it didn’t line up just right I tweaked it a little and came up with this one. I am excited that I was willing to change a pattern.

very nice!
good job with the tweaking!!!

WTG!!! It looks great, too!!!
Now, isn’t tweaking fun :wink:

That’s the best dishcloth pattern I’ve seen. :inlove: That’s perfect! I just finished up about 4 dishcloths so within about a month, I’ll be going back to them, I’m sure.

Turned out great! Be proud of your tweaking!

Beautiful!!! What did you tweak? I have been looking for a bumpy dishcloth that was actually pretty and I love yours! :heart:

That’s awesome! I love it! :thumbsup:

Oh I love the pattern. That cloth is very pretty. I haven’t done any cloths yet. YOu did a great job!! :smiley:

what a nice dish cloth you’ve made.

Great tweaking! :balloons:

I love those colors! Do you remember what yarn it is?

Tweaking is so much fun! The cloth looks great!

:heart: Very pretty! Care to share your tweaking talent? :slight_smile: